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Cab Grid Tutorial

The video below shows how to install and configure the basic version of the Cab Grid taxi fare price calculator plugin for WordPress. We’ll look at installing the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, activating the Cab Grid plugin, configuring the currency symbol and changing the message that accompanies prices. Then we’ll look at adding areas and specifying prices for journeys between each area. We will also cover customising the appearance of the calculator using the CSS styles section. Lastly, we’ll look at publishing the taxi price calculator on your WordPress website.

Cab Grid Pro Tutorial

Cab Grid version 4.5.5 has been released. We are busy making new tutorial videos for this. Whilst the videos below are still largely relevant, there will be some differences. Please stay tuned for new tutorial video and see posts in the support section at the bottom of this page.

The video below shows how to install and configure the Cab Grid Pro plugin for WordPress – a simple A to B taxi fare price calculator. We will walk you through installing the plugin via the ‘Add New’ > ‘Upload Plugin’ feature, activating the plugin and access Cab Grid Pro configuration settings. Then look at changing the currency symbol, increasing the number of areas and vehicles, and adding prices for each combination of areas and taxi vehicle. Lastly, we’ll look at publishing the price calculator on your site through the shortcode ‘[cabgridpro]’

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Support Articles

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) with Cab Grid

Cab Grid Pro v4.5.2 and Cab Grid (basic edition) 1.2.10 will introduce basic Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support. AMP will be enabled on your website through a third-party plugin, such as AMP By Automattic. Currently, if a post is rendered by AMP, any Cab Grid...

Cab Grid Pro Calculation Models

As a taxi price calculator, Cab Grid Pro supports several different calculation models - that is the method used to look-up and calculate the price. This article describes each of those. The calculation mode can be set globally under the OPTIONS tab on the...

Text substitution syntax for messages shown to visitors

[NOTE: This feature required Cab Grid Pro v4.4.1] Cab Grid Pro displays messages to visitors at various points in the calculation/booking process. These messages are largely configurable through the Cab Grid Pro admin page, under the OPTIONS tab. They include: 'No...

Receive booking data CSV

All the information about a taxi booking request can be compiled to a single (CSV) file and sent as an attachment along with the cab booking notification email. This file can then be imported to a third-party application or booking system. CSV attachments are sent to the administrator only, and only if enabled in the Cab Grid Pro admin.

Booking Management Add-on

The Booking Management Add-On adds online booking management to the Cab Grid Pro Wordpress plugin. This means that bookings are stored in the Wordpress database and can be processed (accepted, declined, cancelled, deleted, etc.) from a page on your website.

Stripe Integration

Stripe is an alternative card processing provider. Stripe offers a more integrated checkout experience. It is easy to sign up for and supports more currencies.
We’ve done the integration work to provide a Stripe add-in plugin for Cab Grid Pro. This makes it super-easy to take card payments for journeys calculated through Cab Grid Pro.

Custom Labels for Form Fields & Buttons

Should the Cab Grid Pro plugin be repurposed it may be necessary to edit the built-in booking form labels and buttons. This can be done by manually editing the _settings.php file (with some caveats).

Cab Grid Pro Return Journey Calculations

Cab Grid Pro can calculate return journey prices. This is found under the OPTIONS tab of the Cab Grid Pro Wordpress admin labelled, "Offer return journey option:" When enabled there is a choice of two methods Cab Grid can use to calculate return journey prices: Lookup...

Cab Grid Pro Extras

New in Cab Grid Pro v4.0 is a tab labelled, “Extras”. This allows an unlimited number of extra items (sundries) to be made available to customers when making a booking. This could include simple items, such as refreshments, or could be used to enable complex...

What’s New in Cab Grid Pro Version 4

Version 4.5 of Cab Grid Pro, the taxi booking and price calculator plugin for Wordpress, has been released. It is available to buy and download here. Users of versions 1 to 3.x may request a free upgrade by submitting a support request. Cab Grid Pro 4 introduces many...

Customising booking acknowledgement emails

Cab Grid Pro version 4.0 introduces the ability to compose bespoke booking acknowledgement messages emailed to your customer when the taxi booking form is submitted. This email is completely customisable with details entered on the taxi booking form. On the Cab Grid...

Bulk Price Updates

This article gives details on updating prices in bulk using a formula and copying taxi fare prices from an existing vehicle price table. [As of Cab Grid Pro version 4.2 icons for these functions have been updated: (apply a formula) (copy from vehicle) ] Cab Grid Pro...

Price Calculator Language Options

Visitors can choose the language for the Cab Grid fare price calculator independently of the language set by Wordpress using flag icons shown on the visitor portion of the plugin.

Auto-enter return prices

When the ‘Automatically update empty corresponding [return] prices as you type?’ box is ticked, the corresponding return (or opposite direction) price will be entered in the pricing table

Styling/hiding Price Variation Buttons

In Cab Grid Pro a visitor has the option to select different price variants for a journey using buttons displayed at the top right of the Cab Grid price calculator. (For information on configuring these price variations please see this article.) These buttons can be...

How to troubleshoot styling issues

When you implement Cab Grid on your web page it will render using the default styling we provide. You can modify the appearance yourself through the Styling (CSS) section under the OPTIONS tab. However, outside factors (such as theme or plugin styling) can themselves...

Address Autocomplete

Cab Grid Pro version 3 offers address auto-complete on the taxi booking form via the Google Maps JavaScript API. This article describes how to find or generate your API key.

Covering other taxi journeys

How to provide a means for visitors to get prices for taxi journeys between locations you do not list using Cab Grid. This article describes using an ‘-other’ location and a link to a custom taxi price quote request form with Cab Grid.

Troubleshooting – Cab Grid not working?

You might find that you install the Cab Grid free or Cab Grid Pro plugin and it does not function correctly. There are many reasons this may happen, but most likely it is a compatibility issue with your theme or other plugins. This article describes how to troubleshoot problems with the Cab Grid taxi calculator plugin for Wordpress.

Managing taxi booking requests

Responding quickly to taxi booking requests can avoid lost cab bookings. This article describes how to manage booking requests sent via the Cab Grid Pro plugin.

Updating Cab Grid Pro (version 2 – 4.0)

New versions of Cab Grid Pro taxi booking plugin for Wordpress are distributed to license holders who must upload new files to their website. This can be done via FTP upload to the Wordpress plugins directory or via the Wordpress admin. This article describes how to use either method to update (upgrade) Cab Grid Pro to the latest version.

Cab Grid Pro Shortcode Attributes

Cab Grid Pro’s shortcode supports attributes that can adjust the appearance and functionality of each instance of Cab Grid on your website. This article discusses what shortcode attribute are available and how to implement them (Layout/ID/Icons/Luggage/Pre-defined).

Cab Grid Translations

We are looking for help translating Cab Grid into other languages. Please use the form on this page to get in touch if this is something you can do.

Cab Grid Pro Destination Groups

The new Cab Grid Pro groups feature allows you to assign each area (destination or origin location) to one or more custom groups. Different versions (or instances) of the Cab Grid price calculator can then be loaded in different places on a website.

Basic Style Changes using CSS

How to change the appearance of the Cab Grid fare price calculator using custom CSS styling. Custom styles cab be added under the OPTIONS tab.

Custom Booking Form Fields

Cab Grid Pro provides an online booking form that is displayed (optionally) after a price is calculated. This form contains a set of standard fields, but custom fields can be added to augment and personalise the booking form. Values entered in these form fields are included with the booking notification email.

What’s new in CabGrid Pro version 2.x?

We’re delighted to announce the availability of Cab Grid Pro version 2. This update includes several new features and under the hood enhancements. This article discusses these new features and enhancements.

Origin and Destination

How to configure the ORIGIN and DESTINATION options for areas in the Cab Grid Pro taxi price calculator plugin for Wordpress.

Price variations and formulae

How to configure price variations in the Cab Grid Pro taxi price calculator plugin for Wordpress. Add up to two separate price calculations applied to your main price at the click of a button.

Auto-update error

You may see this error when you try to install an update: Update Failed: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature We are working on a fix for this, but we have found that if you try the update...

High Number of Areas (Places)

Cab Grid Pro allows an unlimited number of places to be added. However, a very high number of areas can put a strain on your web browser and computer. This is because the price table for each vehicle can contain up to the square of the number of places... For example,...

What is the Cab Grid WordPress Plugin?

Video tutorial showing installing the plugin from the Wordpress plugin directory, activating the Cab Grid plugin, configuring the currency symbol and changing messages, adding areas and specifying prices, and publishing the taxi price calculator on your Wordpress website

Cab Grid Basic Edition Install & Setup Video Tutorial

Video tutorial showing installing the plugin from the Wordpress plugin directory, activating the Cab Grid plugin, configuring the currency symbol and changing messages, adding areas and specifying prices, and publishing the taxi price calculator on your Wordpress website

Error: Email Sending Problem

This error message may appear on the Cab Grid Pro admin page: EMAIL SENDING PROBLEM: We have been unable to send a test email. There may be a problem with your hosting settings. Please insure you have set up your server correctly to send email. Click here to try...

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