Many taxi businesses receive bookings from multiple sources (telephone, web, app, etc.), and they use dedicated accounting software (such as Sage, Quickbooks, Kashflow, etc.) to keep their accounts in sync.

Because these third-party services provide dedicated and robust accounting solutions, CabGrid does not provide built-in book-keeping functionality, but it does offer some features to help….

Receive Raw Booking Data

CabGrid Pro provides the option to receive raw booking data (in CSV format) as an attachment to the booking request notification email. Most accounting software will offer an import function that will allow details of the booking to imported. You should consult your accounting software documentation for further information.

Payment Gateway Invoices

CabGrid can process payments for bookings online using Paypal (built-in) or another payment processing provider (such as Stripe) via add-ons. It is often possible to configure the payment processing provider to send invoices when a payment is made. Consult the provider’s documentation to find out more.

Note, CabGrid sends booking request notifications before an online payment is made. This is to facilitate other (offline) forms of payment (such as cash to driver). This means not every customer will pay online and have an invoice generated by the payment processing provider.

Format Acknowledgment or Confirmation Emails as Invoices

CabGrid sends an acknowledgement email to the customer when they submit their booking request. It is possible to apply formatting to this acknowledgment email to give it an invoice-like appearance. The email can make use of text-substitution syntax to insert details of the booking such as price, destination, vehicle and customer name… It can even make use of custom form fields.

If the Booking Management Add-on is installed, CabGrid sends some additional emails to the customer. These include messages when the booking is confirmed or paid. These messages also accept text-substitution syntax and can be customised to look like an invoice.

Customising Emails

In order to customise emails, some knowledge of HTML may be beneficial, though it is not absolutely necessary. Each customer email message in CabGrid is customisable through a rich text editor (known as WYSiWYG or TinyMCE). This offers some advanced formatting options – much like those found in word processing applications such as Microsoft Word.

It is possible to achieve invoice-like styling using these tools alone. However, it is often more effective to switch to TEXT (or source) mode and add custom HTML. This provides much greater layout control.

However, for the non-technically-minded, you can hire us to help.

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