Version 4.5 of Cab Grid Pro, the taxi booking and price calculator plugin for WordPress, has been released. It is available to buy and download here. Users of versions 1 to 3.x may request a free upgrade by submitting a support request.

Cab Grid Pro 4 introduces many new features and improvements including customisable email acknowledgments, discount code and extras, copying or prices from one vehicle to another, and more…

Admin Menu

A new sub-menu gives direct access to Cab Grid Pro’s tabs from the main admin menu.

Auto Updater

Cab Grid Pro 4.0 introduces an automated update system. Now any available updates can be made through the WordPress Admin – just as with any native WordPress plugin. When a new version of Cab Grid Pro becomes available, WordPress will notify administrators who can then perform a one-click upgrade.

Return Journeys

There is a new option to enable automated return journey price calculation. This is found under the OPTIONS tab of the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin labelled, “Offer return journey option:

When set to, “YES”, this option will display a one-way/return icon on the Cab Grid calculator. If return is selected, the calculator will lookup both the outbound and return price for a journey and combine them to produce an overall return price. This allows for different prices for outbound and return legs to be combined.

For example, if city to airport equates to $10.00 and airport to city equates to $12.00, the return price would be calculated as $10.00 + $12.00 = $22.00.


There is now a new tab in the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin labelled, “Extras”. This allows an unlimited number of extra items (sundries) to be made available to customers when making a booking. This could include simple items, such as refreshments, or could be used to enable complex customisations for a trip.

Discount Code

Under the OPTIONS tab on the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin page there is now a ‘Discount Code’ field. This allows a promotional code to be specified along with a formula for calculating the discount. The formula functions just as the price variation formula fields.

If a discount code is specified, customers are offered a box on the taxi booking form in which to enter the code. It is then verified and any discount applied to the final price. The code will be included in the booking email for further verification.

WYSiWYG TinyMCE Editor for Messages

Messages set in the Cab Grid Pro OPTIONS tab are now rich-text editable. This makes it easier to add text formatting and links so, for example, a link to a custom quote/booking form can be created if no price is available via Cab Grid.

Custom Booking Acknowledgment Email

As well as providing a WYSiWYG editor for the taxi booking acknowledgement email message sent to customers making a booking request, the message will also accept text-substitutions for booking form data (even custom form fields). This allows the email sent to customers to be completely customised.

Copy fare prices between vehicles

Cab Grid Pro 3.8 introduced bulk fare price updates based on a formula. Cab Grid Pro 4.0 extends this facility to enable complete sets of journey prices to be copied from one vehicle type to another.

Adding a second (or more) vehicles is now much as easier as the initial prices can be copied from the primary vehicle price table, and then augmented via a formula.

A further improvement in Cab Grid Pro 4.0 is the ability to preview price updates (either copied or generated by a formula) before committing them to the system.

Add-on Support

Support for additional features such as online booking management and credit card processing through third parties (e.g. Stripe) is handled through Add-on plugins.

Booking Data CSV Attachment

Raw booking data sent with notification emails in CSV format. This could be imported into a separate third-party system.

Limit vehicles with shortcode attribute

Prices can be restricted by adding identify vehicles within the shortcode. This can be effective if different Cab Grid instances offer different pricing.

Price floats when off screen

Once a price is calculated it will float at the bottom of the screen. This only happens if the standard price display is off the screen – it has been scrolled below or above. It is especially effective on mobile device where the booking form can extend beyond the available space on a the screen.

Various Minor Updates, Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvements to predefined journeys when groups are used.
  • Icon style & luggage options now available in main sidebar widget.
  • OPTIONS tab now hides/shows options based on selection. For example, booking form fields are hidden if booking button is off.
  • Improvements to styling/code for labels make addressing the Cab Grid user-facing calculator more consistent.
  • Taxi booking emails use reply-to to avoid being flagged as spam.
  • Styling updates to both admin and customer-facing fare calculator (desktop & mobile).

Language Translations

Please note – at this time, complete language translations for Cab Grid Pro 4.0 are not fully complete. Translations will be rolled out as they become available.

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