In certain circumstances the CabGrid Pro can fail to load required files after an update. This problem can result in the taxi calculator losing its layout and styling, or failing to complete calculations resulting in an error (e.g. “Could not get a price due to an error…“)

Note; It is sometimes worth trying both solutions below irrespective of version…

CabGrid Pro Reinitialise Button

CabGrid Pro Reinitialise Button

Solve styling problem in CabGrid Pro version 5.8.7 and above

  • From the CabGrid Pro WordPress Admin page click the REINITIALISE button.
  • Clear any server caches (plugin or server software)
  • Clear browser cache (or check from a private window)
  • If this does not fix the problem, also try the steps below


CabGrid Pro Reinitialise Button

Example: CabGrid Pro Missing Styles

Solution for CabGrid Pro version 5.8.6 and below

  • Go to WordPress Admin > CabGrid Pro > OPTIONS > ‘Use Friendly URLs’ and click ‘Try regenerating links
  • Also under the CabGrid Pro OPTIONS tab, switch ‘Use Friendly URLs’ to which ever option is unselected (yes or no), SAVE CHANGES.
  • Then, switch back to your initial/preferred value (no or yes) and save again.

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