If [Paypal/Stripe] enabled, online payment is offered to customers at the end of the Cab Grid Pro booking process. The amount charged will be the total amount calculated for the journey, based on the point to point price looked up in the vehicle price table(s), and any extras or price variations applied.

However, it is possible to manipulate the online payment amount to serve either as a deposit (part) payment (pending confirmation), or to add a surcharge (card handling fee).

This feature is supported in the Stripe add-on. Under the STRIPE tab on the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin page, the field labelled ‘Surcharge/Deposit‘ accepts a formula which will calculate the amount charged when checking out with Stripe.

Paypal payments will also support this feature from Cab Grid Pro version 5 (to be released soon). Paypal options are found under the SETTINGS tab on the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin page.

Online Booking Management Integration

If the Cab Grid Booking Management Add-on (v2.1 or later) is installed, payments can be processed further as required.

If any payment is made (deposit, full payment, or payment plus surcharge), the booking will be marked as PAID. The booking table will indicate if there is an outstanding amount due (i.e. only a deposit payment has been made).

The admin may then send a request for further payment along with any confirmation or acceptance message. If only a deposit has been paid, the payment page will charge only the outstanding amount. Likewise, if the payment method (Stripe/Paypal) specifies a surcharge formula, the surcharge amount will be added.

Note: it is not possible to offer both deposit and surcharge functionality at the same time. If a surcharge is required, it is advisable to manually change the total fee by editing the booking.

Also see: Discount Mechanisms.

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