The CabGrid Pro taxi price calculator WordPress plugin provides the ability for customers to immediately pay for their booking (via PayPal or add-on gateway) after the booking request is submitted. However, making a payment is not mandatory (see require payment after booking).

Because of this, you may want to include a payment link in the booking acknowledgement email. This is the email automatically sent to the customer acknowledging their booking request. There are number of ways you can construct a payment link and include it in the acknowledgement email. The method you choose will depend on what CabGrid add-on plugins you have installed (if any).


CabGrid supports PayPal payments with no add-ons required. You simply add your PayPal address under the OPTIONS tab in the CabGrid Pro admin. (For more general setup info, see configuring your PayPal account in CabGrid).

To include a link in the acknowledgement email, you will need to construct a special PayPal link that includes certain details. This link can then be added to the booking acknowledgement email.

You can use CabGrid’s text-substitution syntax to automatically add journey details to the link so you can tie the payment to a specific booking.

To build your link you can use this format, replacing the parts in curly brackets with your own info:{your-paypap-email}&item_name={journey-details}&item_number={booking-ref}&amount={journey-fee}&currency_code={3-character-currency-code}

In this example we are using the vehicle and pick-up and destination locations as the description, the CabGrid booking ref as the item number, the total for the booking, and the currency code:[email protected]&item_name=///vehicle///%20///To_Area///-///From_Area///%20///pickupDate///&item_number=///cabGridProBookingID///&amount=///price///&currency_code=///currencyCode///

Note, we are using %20 to indicate a space. The cabGridProBookingID should match the reference included in the admin notification email (within content and the subject line).

Now, you just need to add the link to your acknowledgement email with accompanying explanatory text:

Add Paypal link to acknowledgement email

Add Paypal link to acknowledgement email

Use the CabGrid Booking Management add-on

The CabGrid Booking Management add-on plugin records taxi booking requests in the WordPress admin. This means a page can be constructed directly on your site to accept bookings via any installed payment mechanism (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)


  • You will need to set up a custom page on your site that will display the payment form. For instructions, see the Custom Post-Booking Payment Page section on the Booking Management v2 page.
  • You will need to place the the post-booking payment shortcode on this page: [cabGridBookingsPayment]
  • The URL of this page will for the basis of the payment link in your acknowledgement email.

Once this page is set up you can construct your booking link. As above, you will use CabGrid’s text-substitution syntax to load details of the specific booking.

The format for the payment link will be as follows:


For example:
This would link to a page like this demo page.

As shown above, you would add this link to the booking acknowledgement email box found under the CabGrid SETTINGS tab.

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