Want to make payment mandatory when a customer submits a taxi booking request in CabGrid Pro?

This is something occasionally requested by our users. Unfortunately, this is not directly possible. However, we have some suggestions. But first, some background…


Taxi operators manage their bookings in many different ways. This includes taking cash payments at the end of a journey and managing bookings via third-party (offline) software systems. Because of this, CabGrid’s primary function is to calculate prices, then to send booking requests. Subsequent functions, such as taking payment, checking availability, sending confirmation, and assigning a driver come later.

CabGrid already offers much of this functionality itself or through add-ons, such as the Booking Management Add-on, Stripe Payments Add-on, or Driver Add-on. However, it will always send a booking request before any further processing.

How to require booking payments

Our suggestion is to word messages shown/sent to the customer to imply a payment is required before bookings are confirmed.

For example, you could change the text under OPTIONS > ‘BOOKING SENT MESSAGE’ to something like this:

Your booking request has been submitted. However, to confirm your booking you must make a payment. Please choose a payment method below.

You may also want to change the wording under OPTIONS > ‘EMAIL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT MESSAGE:’ to something similar. For example:

Your booking has been received and we will confirm once payment have been completed.

You would then use the payment notifications sent from your payment provider (e.g. Paypal or Stripe) to determine which bookings are valid, then follow your booking process accordingly.

Of course, you will also need to refund any payments for service you are unable to provide.


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