In some circumstances, email messages sent from CabGrid (WordPress) can not get through. There are a number of reasons for this. This article attempts to address some common email deliverability issues.

Check Message Are Sent

Check general email messages are being sent by implementing a simple contact form and sending a test message. See

Is PHP Mail installed on the server?

The PHP Mail component is required to send email from the web server. Insure this is installed and configured correctly. See

Host Restrictions

Some hosting companies restrict which email addresses are permitted to send mail through their servers. Ofter messages must be sent from an address on the domain (i.e.

Check with your host to see what restrictions are in place, then insure permitted email addresses are configured in the WordPress Admin (under Settings > General > Email Address), and in CabGrid Pro (under OPTIONS > EMAIL SENDING ADDRESS).

Recipient Provider-specific Issues

Different providers (Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc.) apply different filtering rules. This means messages to recipients using these providers may be blocked at the receiving end.

Try sending test messages from the system to different email addresses on different domains to see if only one provider is blocking messages.

Enable CabGrid Pro logging

CabGrid Pro specific logging can be enabled by editing the _settings.php file (or using the free Defaults Add-on):


Complete some test bookings, then analyse the log file…

The log file can be downloaded via FTP or read using the WordPress plugin editor (if enabled): WordPress Admin > Plugins > Editor > Cab Grid Pro > log.txt

Change the mailer service

Set the preferred mailer service by editing the _settings.php file (or using the free Defaults Add-on):


This variable will also accept a value of “phpmailer” but this is CabGrid’s default setting.

Also note, if using a mail plugin like POST SMTP or WP MAIL SMTP, setting this to “wp_mail” is likely to be more reliable. However, you should experiment to find the solution that works for your server/hosting environment.

Check Server Error Logs

Most web servers also maintain an error log. This details wider system issues. Some hosting providers do not enable server logs by default. Contact your provider for info.

Server logs are usually stored in a directory above the website files directory. They can be downloaded via FTP or accessed using a hosting control panel. Contact your provider for more info.

Spam Considerations

CabGrid Pro attempts to follow industry standard guidelines to insure email deliverability. However, since CabGrid Pro offers complete email customisation, there are some further considerations that may effect email deliverability:

Links to payment gateways (such as Paypal) or links to WordPress admin pages are often considered spam-like. Can Grid Pro v5+ attempts to rewrite URLs to avoid this.

The sending address can impact email deliverability. Try changing the admin email address under WordPress Admin > Settings General > Email address.

Use 3rd-Party email services

A 3rd-party email service such as Send Grid can be used to manage email deliverability via an SMTP plugin such as WP Mail SMTP by WPForms.

Once installed and configured, all WordPress email including CabGrid notifications will be sent via Send Grid. Send Grid will format messages for best deliverability, and provide stats. They offer a free level of service and charge depending on the volume of mail sent.

See How to use Send Grid & WP Mail SMTP to improve taxi booking notification email deliverability.

Use SMS Text Notifications

If email deliverability is inconsistent, consider sending notifications (to both admin and customer) via SMS text message. CabGrid Pro v5 integrates Twilio to provide SMS functionality.

Contact us for support

If messages are still not getting through, please contact us via out support page or live chat (bottom right of this window – desktop only). When contacting us, please provide any logs (as detailed above) for analysis.

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