CabGrid Pro floating price bar

From CabGrid Pro version 5.6.3 it is possible to globally disable the floating price banner from CabGrid Pro > OPTIONS > KEEP PRICE VISIBLE > NO in the WordPress Admin. This will disable the feature on all devices, whereas the CSS solution below can be applied selectively depending on circumstances – such as on mobile only, for example.
CabGrid Pro features a floating price bar that keeps a journey price in view (floating at foot of page) when the main CabGrid calculator interface is scrolled out of view.

It may be preferable to disable this feature. This can be done through CSS. The following CSS will disable the floating banner across all instances of CabGrid Pro. However, it can be modified to target only specific instances or devices. For example, the cgpMobileY class targets mobile devices, or you may want to add your own custom classes.
To use this code, add it to the top of the STYLING (CSS) box under the OPTIONS tab on the CabGrid Pro WordPress Admin page.
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat {transition: none;display: inherit;position: static;bottom: unset;left: unset;background-color: transparent;color: inherit !important; width: inherit;z-index: inherit;padding: inherit;}
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat span,.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat p {color:inherit !important;}
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat p.cabGridProUserDiscount {font-size: inherit;line-height: inherit;}
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProRtnMsg,.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProMessage {display:inherit;}
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProPriceDig,.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProCurrSymb {vertical-align:inherit;}
.cgpMobileY .cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProPriceDig,.cgpMobileY .cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProCurrSymb {font-size:inherit;}
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat img.cabGridProVehiclePreview {display:inherit;margin:auto;vertical-align:inherit;max-height: 100%;max-width: 100%;}
.cgpMobileY .cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat img.cabGridProVehiclePreview {height:auto;max-height:100%;width:auto;max-width:100%;}
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProRtnLbl {display:inherit;font-size:inherit;vertical-align:inherit;line-height:inherit;}
.cabGridPro.cgp-time .cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProRtnLbl {display:inherit;}
.cabGridProPriceDigCont.cabGridProPriceFloat .cabGridProBookButton {display:inherit;vertical-align:inherit;min-width: 0;margin: 2% auto;padding: 1% 4%;}

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