Meet and Greet Name Plate Card
The Nameplate feature is part of the CabGrid Booking Management Add-on.

The NAMEPLATE button is located in the MANAGE column next to each booking. If the CabGrid Driver add-on is installed, a driver will receive a link to the nameplate page for that booking when assigned to a job.

When clicked, the NAMEPLATE button will open a new window displaying the booking customer name and your logo (if you have added one under CabGrid Pro > Options).

To change the name displayed, edit the booking and change the customer’s name.

The nameplate window will display some additional buttons and inputs. These are only displayed on screen and will not be printed.

Nameplate inputs

The text input field allows a custom message, such as a flight number or hotel, to be added below the customer name. This message will appear on screen as you type.

The PRINT button will open a print dialogue box. It is recommended to change the paper orientation to LANDSCAPE. You can then print the nameplate.

The HIDE button will hide the button inputs. This is useful if displaying the nameplate on a screen, such as an iPad or tablet. To show the buttons again, the nameplate window should be reloaded (or closed and opened again).

The CLOSE button will close the nameplate window.

(This feature was added in CabGrid Booking Management Add-on v2.7)

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