CabGrid Pro offers a tool-tips feature… When enabled, visitors are shown a tip bubble above each field of the price calculator and booking form as their mouse hovers over it.

The tip-bubble gives further information about what should be entered in that field. This text is available for translation.

Tool-tips can be activated or deactivated from the CabGrid Pro OPTIONS tab in the WordPress Admin. There is an option labelled, “SHOW TOOLTIPS.” When set to “YES” tool-tips will be presented to visitors; if set to “NO,” tool-tips will not appear.

Note: modern web browsers will still display a native tool-tip after a few seconds even when Cab Grid’s tool-tips feature is disabled.

Cab Grid Pro Tooltips

Translation and customisation of tool-tip content

The current tool-tip content of CabGrid’s built-in form fields is available to be translated via PoEdit.

Custom form fields have new properties that allow custom tooltip text to be added to custom form fields. See Custom Booking Form Fields for more info.

Currently, tooltips for the built in booking form fields cannot be modified (other than through translation).

Tool-tips for build-in booking form fields (e.g. name, pick-up date, email, etc.) can be edited via the free Defaults Add-on plugin or by editing the _settings.php file.



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