CabGrid will display prices in any currency.

The currency symbol is set under the OPTIONS tab in CabGrid. It is displayed along side any price that is calculated.

The currency symbol field can accept individual symbols ($,£,€, etc.) or HTML codes (e.g. €  See

Currency for Online Payments

When online payment is available (via Paypal in CabGrid Pro or via an Add-on such as the Stripe Integration add-on), the currency symbol set under OPTIONS (as described above) is displayed to the customer. However, the currency charged will depend on how the payment gateway (e.g. Paypal or Stripe) is configured.

In other words, the currency symbol is an independent setting and does not effect online payment (if available). Each payment processor supports only certain currencies and these can be selected within CabGrid. Check our support articles for more details on how to configure payment gateways with GabGrid Pro.

PayPal: CabGrid Configuration | Supported Currencies
Stripe: CabGrid Configuration | Supported Currencies

Positioning the currency symbol before or after amount?

By default, the currency symbol appears before the calculated fare. It is possible to configure the currency symbol displayed with taxi prices calculated by CabGrid either before or after the amount. This is done by defining a preference in either the _settings.php file or the defaults add-on (see Advanced Settings for CabGrid Pro – Defaults add-on plugin).

Configure the $cabGridProPriceFormat variable as follows.

Before (e.g. $9.99):

After (e.g. 20€):

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