Cab Grid is already built for speed, but site owners may still want to optimise their sites using a cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Autoptimize or WP Fastest Cache. Often, these plugins change or minify code, and alter the order in which resources are loaded. Cab Grid is already minified and loads its resources on demand at the last possible point to avoid render blocking and other speed impediments. Because of this, we recommend these plugins are configured to avoid interfering with Cab Grid.

Here are our recommended configuration options for popular caching plugins…

Exclude Cab Grid Resources

In general, any Cab Grid resources should be excluded (or white-listed) so that any caching or optimisation plugin does not alter Cab Grid code.

W3 Total Cache

There are two points within the W3 Total Cache plugin that should be configured for Cab Grid: Page Cache & Minify

In the WordPress Admin, under Performance > Page Cache > Advanced add the following to the box labelled, “Never cache the following pages:”
W3 Total Cache Never Cache Pageswp-.*\.php

In the WordPress Admin, under Performance > Minify > Advanced add the following to the box labelled, “Never minify the following JSfiles:”
W3 Total Cache Minify Exclusions*cab-grid*

And the following to the box labelled, “Never minify the followingCSS files:”


WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache allows resources to be excluded via its Options interface in the WordPress Admin.

Find the EXCLUDE tab under WordPress Admin > WP Fastest Cache > WP Fastest Cache Options.

WP Fastest Cache - Set Exclude RulesIn the “Exclude Pages” section, click Add New Rule to add rules as follows:

  1. if REQUESTED_URI contains cab-grid
  2. if REQUESTED_URI contains cabgrid

In the “Exclude CSS” section, click Add New Rule to add rules as follows:

  1. if CSS url contains cab-grid

In the “Exclude JS” section, click Add New Rule to add rules as follows:

  1. if CSS url contains cab-grid
WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache ConfigurationWP Super Cache allows files to be excluded under its ADVANCED tab in the WordPress Admin.

  1. Go to WordPress Admin > Settings > WP Super Cache
  2. Click the ADVANCED tab
  3. Scroll (a long way) down to the section that starts with the text, “Add here strings (not a filename) that forces a page not to be cached…
  4. Enter cabgrid and cab-grid on separate lines in the text box

Autoptimize ConfigurationAutoptimize presents a high risk of problems because it alters and merges JavaScript and CSS files. It also changes where they’re included in a page. We already know earlier versions of Autoptimize caused conflicts and, even with our recommended settings (below), end results may vary.

Autoptimze is configured from an options panel found within the SETTINGS section of the WordPress Admin. Our recommendations to exclude Cab Grid files from Autoptimize can be configured as follows.

  1. Go to SETTINGS > Autoptimize from the WordPress Admin panel menu
  2. Insure Advanced Settings are visible. If not, click the “Show Advanced Settings” button at the top (right)
  3. Click the JS, CSS & HTML tab (if not already selected)
  4. Under JavaScript Options add the following to the “Exclude scripts from Autoptimize” text box (after the existing exclusions):
    , cab-grid-pro/, cabGridProStickyTable.js, cab-grid/
  5. Under CSS Options add the following to the “Exclude CSS from Autoptimize” box (after existing exclusions):
    , cab-grid-pro/, cab-grid/, _cgp/plg/css/
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes and Empty Cache
Cloudflare Settings

Cloudflare ConfigurationCloudflare is a hosted caching/CDN solution meaning its cache and configuration are not managed through the host WordPress site, rather via

There are various settings in Cloudflare that could interfere with Cab Grid functionality. Detailed Cloudflare configuration is beyond the scope of this support article, but our general recommendations are as follows.

Cloudflare settings are applied to your entire site, but it is possible to target individual files or directories using Page Rules.

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare dashboard at
  2. Click the SPEED icon
  3. Select the Optimization tab
  4. Scroll down to the Auto Minify section and deselect JavaScript

Clear caches to view changes

If you do have a cache plugin enabled, you may not immediately see changes made to Cab Grid configuration. Most cache plugins have an option that allows the cache to be cleared or deleted manually. You should clear any cache each time a change is made to your Cab Grid configuration to insure customers are seeing the most up to date version.

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