Cab Grid Pro v3 is in development and will shortly be available to users. Details of changes and new feature will be published here in due course.

Here’s a list of updates in the works…

  • Send booking request acknowledgement to customer (optional)
  • Option to update corresponding price automatically as you type
  • Price update triggered on CHANGE only (was keyup and keypress also)
  • Abbreviated Paypal link in booking request email (right-click and copy)
  • Set overall styling to LIGHT or DARK
  • Luggage textbox can be hidden with shortcode attribute: luggage=”Off”
  • Icon set can be assigned with shortcode attribute: icons=”light”
  • Updated styling for desktop date/time picker on booking form (better mimics native iOS date picker)
  • Warning if cab Grid components don’t load (can be due to conflicting plugins or themes).
  • Auto-complete address fields (pick-up and destination).
  • Admin interface optimisations for mobile devices (responsive design).
  • Booking form auto-complete for previous/frequent customers.
  • New sidebar widget shows random journey prices (for promotional use).
  • Specify the email address booking notifications are sent to (and customer acknowledgement emails are sent from).

UPDATE 21st Nov 16: v3 is now in testing on this site. All instances of Cab Grid Pro (demo and examples) are using the beta version 3 of Cab Grid Pro.

UPDATE 7th Dec 16: v3 is now out and available for purchase via the upgrade page.

For full list of changes, please review the change log at the bottom of the Cab Grid Pro readme file

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