It may be useful to be able to embed the Cab Grid fare price calculator and booking system in external websites or services, such as Facebook*. There are several approaches that may achieve this….

  • Use a blank page template from your theme (see theme documentation)
  • Use the Cab Grid embed page

Either the standard price calculator widget or price table layout can be embedded by implementing the appropriate shortcode. See below for instructions.

The embed page will attempt to strip out all formatting and functionality other than Cab Grid Pro. This can lead to conflicts with some third-party theme/plugin code and error messages may be displayed. We recommend WordPress’ debug mode is disabled in the wp_config.php file to negate this as much as possible.

Cab Grid Pro V5 is required to use the EMBED feature.
*Facebook has imposed a requirement of 2000+ fans before custom tabs can be added using 3rd-party Facebook apps like Thunderpenny.
If your web server sets a header x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN, modern web browsers may not display CabGrid when embedded in a third-party site as an iFrame. More info…

Using the Cab Grid Pro Embed Page

The Cab Grid Pro embed page is generated using a specific web address (URL). This URL can be supplied to third-parties for use on their sites as an iFrame, for example.

Here are a couple of basic examples (open in new tabs/windows):

The embed URL will also accept shortcode attributes as additional parameters that can pre-populate Cab Grid Pro’s settings. These can be appended to the URL as attribute=value pairs separated with ampersands (&).

In each of the following examples, replace our website address with yours, and replace our attribute values with those applicable to your installation.


Custom Styling the Embed Page

Custom styles defined in the OPTIONS tab of the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin panel will also be loaded on the embed page.

The embed page applies a special class to the <body> tag: cabGridProEmbed

This can be used to define styles that only apply to embed page instances of Cab Grid Pro.

SYNTAX:.cabGridProEmbed .cabGridPro {background-color:red;}

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