Cab Grid Pro v4.4 introduces a new feature that (optionally) attaches a file to notification emails (sent to the administrator only). This file is in the standard CSV (comma separated) format. It can be imported to third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. It provides all data concerning a given booking including price, vehicle origin and destination, any custom booking form fields, and any extras booked by the customer.

This feature can be activated (or disabled) via a setting under OPTIONS on the Cab Grid Pro page in WordPress Admin. There is a setting labelled, “Attach Raw Data:” – setting to “Yes” will enable the file to be created and attached to booking request emails sent to the administrator. If set to “No”, no file will be attached.

In theory, it is possible to automate a process of importing this file directly to a booking system. For example, one could use Google Docs to automatically import bookings to a Google Sheet.

Note: Some 3rd-party mail solutions (such as ZoHo) do not support sending attachments and may cause WordPress notification emails to fail.

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