From Cab Grid Pro version 5 there is a hidden feature that allows the order of certain elements to be defined. These include the order of places in the origin and destination drop-down lists, and the order that vehicles are chosen for journeys.

By default, Cab Grid sorts items in a logical way based on information it already has. This feature is HIDDEN because it is only intended for extreme circumstances where the default priority is not appropriate.
To view and edit priority order, a parameter must be appended to the URL of the admin page: priority=show The best way to access this is to navigate to the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin panel, and then append the parameter to the URL in the address bar with an ampersand (&) to separate it from other URL parameters, and press return (or enter). For example:


Areas are sorted within origin and destination drop-down menus alphabetically by default. If areas are grouped, the groups are also sorted alphabetically. This means that either areas or groups sort order can be manipulated by prefixing a digit to the label. For example, ‘1. group name’, ‘2. another group’ When the priority value is set, alphabetical sorting is overridden, and each list is sorted from lowest to highest priority (ascending). Other filters still apply, for example groups. The Cab Grid Pro price TABLE shortcode will also order places based on priority (if set).


In modes other than VEHICLE, the vehicle for a journey is selected based on customer input. The number of passengers, luggage, time or tickets determines which vehicle – and hence price – is selected for a given journey. In some cases, there may be two or more vehicles with the same capacities and unit rate. If there is no way to distinguish between vehicles, the vehicle name field is used, with the first vehicle alphabetically being selected. When the priority value is set, if vehicles with matching capacities exist, the priority value determines which vehicle is selected. The vehicle with the lowest priority value will be chosen, and the price for the journey in that vehicle will be returned to the customer. Note: vehicle priority requires Cab Grid Pro v5.0.2

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