Cab Grid Pro version 5.0 introduces a new layout – The Price Table. Here is an example:

The Price Table layout is implemented on a WordPress website using a dedicated shortcode:

This can be added to any text block on a website. There is currently no dedicated sidebar widget for this layout, though a standard text widget can be used to render the shortcode. The standard WordPress WYSiWYG editor (TinyMCE) also offers an icon that will insert the shortcode along with standard attributes.

The price table can also be added as a Gutenberg block for templates that use the Gutenberg editor.

Where a price is available for a journey it is shown in the table as a link. By default this link opens a modal dialogue (pop-up box) displaying the main Cab Grid Pro calculator. The origin and destination are pre-populated to display a price. A customer can then go on to book. The pop-up will use the default layout selected under the OPTIONS tab.

Destinations are listed in price tables alphabetically or by custom priority (if set).

Cab Grid Pro Table Shortcode Attributes

The [cabGridProTable] shortcode can be assigned various attributes that augment the functionality fo the table, like so:
[cabGridProTable id="" vehicle="" caption="" class="" groups="" link=""]


The id attribute is used to give the price table a unique identifier. This identifier can be used to target styles or javascript actions. For example, if a table has an attribute id="myTable1" dedicated styles could be defined in the Styling CSS box under the Cab Grid Pro OPTIONS tab as #cabGridProTablemyTable1 {background-color:green;}

Cab Grid prepends id attribute values with cabGridProTable, so myTable1 can be targeted as #cabGridProTablemyTable1.

[cabGridProTable id="myTableID"]


Like ID, the class attribute can be used to target Cab Grid table instances. Only class names can be re-used to target one or more tables.

[cabGridProTable class="redTable"]


The vehicle attribute defines the vehicle for which prices are shown. This should be a single vehicle name that exactly matches a vehicle entered in the VEHICLES tab. Alternatively, a vehicle ID can also be specified. Vehicle ID is obtained by hovering mouse over the Vehicle Type field in the Cab Grid Pro VEHILCES tab.

Using the vehicle attribute, a table for each vehicle can be displayed. The styling can be manipulated to display these as tabs, for example.

[cabGridProTable vehicle="CHAUFFEUR"]
[cabGridProTable vehicle="6"]


By default, the Cab Grid Pro price table layout will display the vehicle name as a caption above the table. This can be hidden through CSS if necessary.

The caption attribute can set an alternative caption to be displayed above the table.

[cabGridProTable caption="Our Price List"]


By default all available prices are displayed on a Cab Grid Pro price table. The destinations can be limited by specifying one or more group names in the groups attribute.

Destinations can be assigned to groups in under the AREAS tab on the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin page.

[cabGridProTable groups="Airport"]

Multiple groups can be combined by entering them separated by a comma.

[cabGridProTable groups="Schools,Local"]

Price list limited to destinations in either Airport or West group
Gatwick Airport$19.00$18.00$25.00$15.00$75.00
Heathrow Airport$16.50$25.00$14.00$18.25$110.00

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