Cab Grid Pro email configurationCab Grid Pro sends various messages by email (and SMS text message). These include booking request notifications sent to the administrator and booking request acknowledgements sent to the customer. By default email messages are sent from (and to) the admin email address defined in the WordPress Admin Settings (Settings > General > Email Address).

If emails are not getting through, see Email Deliverability

Set a custom email address

In certain circumstances sending notifications to or from the system email address is unsuitable. For example, if there is some dedicated process attached to booking requests like an auto-reply.

The EMAIL SENDING ADDRESS option is set under  WordPress Admin > Cab Grid Pro > OPTIONS. This field expects an email address. The email address entered here is used as:

  • The sending address for booking request acknowledgements sent to the customer (if enabled, see below).
  • The recipient address booking request notifications are sent to; i.e. the administrator or controller processing the booking.
  • The sending address for subsequent booking notifications sent to the customer, i.e. when a booking is accepted or declined via the Booking Management Add-on.

It is important to insure the email address entered here is valid and permitted for use with the web server. See our support article: Email deliverability – How to insure booking notifications get through.

The booking request notification emails sent to the administrator can also include an attachment containing all the raw booking data.

Also email customer option

Cab Grid Pro will always send a booking request notification to the administrator. Optionally, an acknowledgement message can also be sent to the customer. This can provide some information on the booking process while waiting for the booking to be confirmed. It could also be used to provide payment details if the customer does not make an immediate online payment at the time of booking.

The ALSO EMAIL CUSTOMER option is set under  WordPress Admin > Cab Grid Pro > OPTIONS. When set to ‘YES‘ the customer will be emailed an acknowledgement when they submit the booking form. This acknowledgement message can be customised via the EMAIL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT MESSAGE field.

If ALSO EMAIL CUSTOMER is set to ‘NO‘ then no email is sent to the customer, and only a notification email is sent to the administrator.

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