The CabGrid Stripe Integration add-on adds Stripe payment processing to the CabGrid price calculator and booking plugin. If not properly configured the Stripe add-on may not work as expected. Here are some troubleshooting steps if the Stripe payment option is not offered at the end of the booking process…

Note: When testing in LIVE mode, you can refund payments in the Stripe Dashboard (less the small Stripe fee). It is, however, advisable that you test only small amounts in LIVE mode. You should configure a test journey for a nominal fee (e.g. $1.00) so that, should anything go wrong, you are not losing significant funds.

Ensure you are logged in when in TEST mode

TEST mode hides the Stripe checkout option for regular visitors to your site. Admin users can then test the payment process without impacting customers.

To test Stripe checkout in TEST mode, visit the website while logged in to WordPress as an admin user.

Check TEST/LIVE Mode

Switch from LIVE to TEST (or vice versa) mode in the WordPress Admin panel (CabGrid Pro > STRIPE). Then test using appropriate card/payment details.

This will help determine if the problem relates to one or other configuration (LIVE or TEST).

Check STRIPE API keys

Stripe provides 2 API keys for both LIVE and TEST modes. It is possible to paste/enter the wrong key into the hidden key fields without realising. Ensure these are correctly entered in the CabGrid Pro Stripe admin panel in WordPress.

The public keys should begin pk_test_ or pk_live_ and the secret keys should begin sk_test_ or sk_live_

Check Payment Methods Enabled in Stripe

Beyond standard credit and debit cards (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc), Stripe is capable of processing payments via many other mechanisms (e.g. iDeal, SoFort, GiroPay, etc). Enable any additional payment methods in your Stripe account.

Do a test payment using each (or other) mechanism to determine if one, some, or all payment methods are affected.

Switch Load Methods

The CabGrid Stripe admin panel offers two options for loading Stripe resources on a web site: “with page load” and “after booking request submitted”.

Try switching between these modes and testing your site. Note: empty your browser cache and turn off any caching plugins/software to ensure you are testing the updated settings.

Check Stripe Events/Logs

Stripe records all transactional events and responses on their site. Check for any error messages –

Enable CabGrid Logging

CabGrid Pro offers a logging option that will record events generated by the Stripe Add-on. The purpose of the log file is to provide information to CabGrid’s developers. Yet, it may contain an error message that will illuminate the issue.

Check Web Server Error Logs

The web server should keep a log of errors. This is usually stored in the root directory of the webspace. This may also provide useful information about the cause of the issue. Ask your hosting provider if the log files are not available.

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