As of Cab Grid Pro version 3.3 there is an option to have corresponding return journey prices automatically entered as you type.

Cab Grid provides a pricing table where journey prices can be entered. In Cab Grid Pro there is a table for each vehicle. The price table shows the ‘Form’ or origin places/areas as the key for each row (down the left side column), and the ‘To’ or destination as the key for each column (along the top of the table). The places/areas in each will depend on whether they are set as ‘Origin’ or ‘Destination’ in the AREAS tab.

Above the pricing table is an option labelled, “Automatically update empty corresponding [return] prices as you type? “. When you tick/check this box, the corresponding opposite/return journey will be entered as the main price is entered. If this option is enabled, corresponding price boxes will be greyed out as they are automatically updated.

This will happen whether origin or destination is entered first, provided the corresponding return price box is empty (set to zero – 0.00). If there is already a price for the corresponding return journey, it will be left untouched.

Auto-enter taxi prices

In the example above, a price FROM Gatwick TO Fulham is entered as £1.00 and the corresponding opposite direction price FROM Fulham TO Gatwick is automatically updated to £1.00.

Next, a price is entered for a journey FROM Hammersmith TO Fulham as £2.00, but there is no corresponding journey FROM Fulham TO Hammersmith because Hammersmith is not set as a destination. (See this article on setting origin and destination.)

Follow the illustration above as corresponding journey prices are automatically entered.

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