Display prices in local currency, charge in another….

Cab Grid Pro allows customers to pay for journeys online using Paypal. This is built-in. We also offer a number of additional payment gateway integrations via add-ons (Stripe, WSPay, VCS). These online payment service providers support many currencies, but not all…

So what do you do if your local currency is not supported?

Use surcharge/deposit formula to do a currency conversion…

Note: This is not a solution for providing multiple currencies – only for converting the displayed price to a currency supported by the payment gateway.
The Cab Grid Pro Paypal implementation (and other payment add-ons) allow a calculation formula to be applied to the final price. This is intended to allow for a deposit payment or apply a surcharge to cover online processing costs. However, the formula function could be used to convert the price to a payment gateway friendly currency.

Cab Grid Pro allows the currency symbol for journey prices to be set independently of payment gateway currency. This means a price can be displayed in one currency, and charged in another.


In this example we are displaying a price in £ (GBP), but charging in $ (USD). Here are the steps…

  1. WordPress Admin > Cab Grid Pro > OPTIONS > Set display currency symbol (£)
  2. Enter Paypal account email (if not already entered)
  3. Select Paypal currency: USD
  4. Enter checkout button label (displayed to customer): “Checkout in $USD
  5. Find conversion rate (xe.com) and copy to clipboard: 1.30624 (or approx.)
  6. Add formula to PAYPAL SURCHARGE/DEPOSIT: *1.30624
  7. Add a message that describes the currency conversion to BOOKING SENT MESSAGE (using text substitutions to insert quoted price): “The quoted price £///price/// will be converted to $(USD) for checkout.
  8. Save changes

In our example animation (above, right), the quoted price is £10.00 and this is converted to $13.06 when the Paypal checkout button is clicked (10 x 1.306).

Include a Surcharge

A surcharge can still be included if necessary by augmenting the formula further. For example, to add a $0.50 surcharge, the example formula could be updated as follows:


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