Short answer: YES.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) law taking effect on May 25, 2018. The goal of GDPR is to give EU citizens control over their personal data and change the data privacy approach of organizations across the world.

There are many good articles available that go into a great deal of detail concerning GDPR (see more reading at the bottom of this page). This post is concerned Cab Grid’s GDPR compliance.

  • The free basic taxi price calculator, Cab Grid does not collect or record any visitor data. It only provides a means for visitors to get a fare price for journeys between two selected destinations.
  • Cab Grid Pro provides a booking form which collects information about a journey from the customer. This information is not stored online. It is only sent via email to the website administrator (you).

In both above cases, Cab Grid itself is GDPR compliant because it is not storing information. However, in the case of Cab Grid Pro, we recommend adding information to the privacy policy published on your website detailing how booking emails are processed. This should include how long the data is kept.

Cab Grid Booking Management Add-on

The Booking Management Add-on allows taxi bookings to be processed through the WordPress admin and therefore does store customer and booking information on your web server.

If the Booking Management Add-on for Cab Grid Pro is installed and activated on a website, it is recommended an additional checkbox be added to the booking form requesting customers’ consent for bookings to be processed in this way.

Cab Grid Stripe Add-on

The Stripe Add-on for Cab Grid Pro allows customers to pay for journeys directly using credit card, debit card, or electronic/bank transfer. The Stripe add-on does not store any payment information. Please refer to Stripe for more info on their GDPR compliance.

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