CabGrid Feature Comparison (Basic vs Pro)

CabGrid is a taxi price calculator and booking plugin for WordPress based websites. It uses a price grid (or table) to look up prices for journeys between destinations selected by customers. The table below compares the features of the free basic edition of CabGrid to the Pro version.

Feature Basic Pro
Number of Destinations 10 Unlimited
Assignable Areas (origin/dest) N Y
Number of Vehicles 1 Unlimited
Vehicle Images & Settings N Y
Price Grid 1 Unlimited (1 per vehicle)
Shortcode Y Y
Sidebar Widget Y Y
Random Price Slider Widget N Y
Price Table N Y
Custom CSS Y Y
Custom Currency Symbol Y Y
Custom message with price Y Y
Multi-lingual support Y Y
Mobile Optimised Y Y
Support Free Free
Updates Free Free (except major releases)
A to B Calculation Y Y
Passenger & Luggage Calculation N Y
Vehicle Select Calculation N Y
Ticket-based Calculation N Y
Unit Rate Calculation (tour/time hire) N Y
Price Variations N 2
Discount/Promo Code N Unlimited
Extras/Sundries N Unlimited
Integrated Booking Form N Y
Auto-address Complete N Y
Custom Acknowledgement Emails N Y
Custom Booking Form Fields N Unlimited
Online Payment Processing N Paypal or Stripe
Group Areas N Y
Google Analytics Integration N Y
Preset Journeys N Y
Booking Management Add-on N Buy
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This is CabGrid Pro

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