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Along side the standard price looked up from the price table, Cab Grid Pro offers several ways to manipulate prices (e.g. Price Variations, and Discounts & Surcharges). Cab Grid Pro Version 5 introduces a new feature that allows a dedicated price calculation formula to be applied for individual WordPress users, that is, users logged in to the WordPress site.

Adding WordPress Users

Users can be registered with a WordPress website by the administrator under WordPress Admin > Users > Add New, or customers can be provided with a registration form on the site where they can register themselves. See this tutorial on providing a custom WordPress user registration form:

How to set a dedicated Cab Grid price discount for a specific user

When a user is logged in, if there is a discount formula set for their account, it will be applied automatically when they calculate a taxi fare price.

  • Assuming the user exists, access their profile via WordPress Admin > Users > All Users > [username] > Edit (on mouse-over). See screenshot above.
  • Scroll down to the section labelled, “Cab Grid Profile Information
  • In the text field labelled, “Discount Formula” enter the formula that will be applied to each price – only for this user. For example, the formula for a 10% discount would be: *0.9
  • Click the UPDATE USER button at the bottom.

Hide or show additional price variation options for logged-in users

When a taxi fare price is calculated, the price can be further manipulated by price variations or global discount/promotional codes. It is possible to disable these, though this is an advanced setting…

In the _settings.php file (or defaults add-on plugin) the following code will determine if price variation buttons and discount code input boxes appear to logged in users:

$cabGridUserShowVariants="y"; //y/n: If "n" price variants will be hidden FOR LOGGED IN USERS
$cabGridUserShowDiscountInput="n"; //y/n: If "y" the discount code input field will be visible FOR LOGGED IN USERS

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