Manage Cab Grid Bookings via WordPress Admin

Booking Management

With our booking management add-on, booking requests are stored online and made available for processing within the WordPress admin section of your website.

*Cab Grid will always send booking requests via email (or SMS text), Booking Management adds the ability to process requests via the WordPress Admin.

Process Bookings Your Way

As standard Cab Grid Pro sends booking request details to administrators via email (or SMS text message) for further processing. The Booking Management Add-on enhances this by providing functions for processing bookings via the WordPress admin.


Accept or decline booking requests with a single click.


Built-in checks for booking timing conflicts.

Set It and Forget It

Set up custom messages to be sent with each booking action (Accept/Decline/Paid/Cancel). Messages can contain any booking details including extras and custom form field values – even a link to make a payment (via Paypal or Stripe or other payment provider).


Manage bookings from your phone or tablet. Optimised interface for any screen.


Stay on top of bookings. Explore as a table, calendar or daily itinerary.


The Booking Management Add-on for the Cab Grid Pro taxi price calculator plugin for WordPress offers a range of features to make managing bookings quick and easy. Here’s a selection of stand-out features….

Process Bookings Online

Accept, decline, cancel and set bookings to paid all at the click of a button.


Configure custom messages that walk customers through your booking process

Calendar & Itinerary

View bookings in a monthly calendar layout or show a daily itinerary of accepted jobs.

Avoid Timing Conflicts

Conflicting bookings are highlighted and customers cab be advised if their requested booking time falls within a set period of another booking.

Add, Edit & Duplicate

Bookings are fully editable. Existing bookings can be duplicated, or new bookings can be added directly from the admin.

Get Paid

Include a link to a built-in payment page in customer communications. The page will process credit card transactions via Paypal or Stripe (or any custom integration).

Export & Backup

Export bookings to a CSV file that can be imported into a spreadsheet, database, or existing dispatch system.

Bulk Actions

Process a group of bookings in one go. Select the bookings and then choose an action. Apply to all.


View booking details and a log of all actions relating to it.

Still Not Convinced?

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We have a live demonstration of the administration section of Cab Grid which includes the latest version of the Booking Management Add-on and others, including Stripe.

Set Up

Installation is straight-forward. Once installed, booking requests will be listed in the admin section of your website.

However, for step by step instructions, please continue…

Download Now

Our booking management system add-on is available for a one-time low fee. No renewals or ongoing charges.


Here’s a selection of taxi/transport services already using our booking management system…

Latest News

Here are the latest support articles for our booking system plugin…

Schedule Reminder Messages in Booking Management

Schedule Reminder Messages in Booking Management

Automatically remind customers about upcoming bookings via SMS text message or email with the Booking Management Add-on v2.2. Schedule up to two reminders to be sent ahead of both pick-up and return journeys.

Handling Deposit (part) Payments and Surcharges

Handling Deposit (part) Payments and Surcharges

How to manipulate the online payment amount to serve either as a deposit (part) payment (pending confirmation), or to add a surcharge (card handling fee), and how the Booking Management add-on processes subsequent post-booking payments.

Is Cab Grid GDPR Compliant?

Cab Grid does not store any customer data. All booking data is sent to administrators via email for offline processing. If the Booking Management Add-on is installed & active, booking data is stored on the server and customer consent may be required. This article provides details.