Cab Grid Pro allows WordPress administrators to provide translated versions of their own text and labels entered via the Cab Grid Pro admin page.

Translations are entered in the same input field as the original text using a fixed syntax:

  • Translations must be enclosed in curly braces immediately after the primary text: {}
  • The 2-char code for the target language is used as the key (fr,de,it,es,en,pt,etc)
  • The actual translation text must follow the key and an equals and greater-than sign.=>
  • Additional translations (other languages) are separated with a pipe.|
  • Avoid adding spaces next to special characters ({=>|})
  • The last translation should not be followed by a semi-colon (;) or pipe (|) character

Note: This means that the use of these special characters within the translated text could cause problems (pipe,curly braces, equals and greater-than).

Cab Grid inputs that process translations include:

Cab Grid Translation Syntax

From Cab Grid Pro version 5.5+:

Booking Management Add-on version 2.3+

Syntax Example:

Booking Sent Message{fr=>Message de Réservation envoyé|de=>Mitteilung Buchung gesendet|es=>Mensaje de Reserva Enviada}

Note: If using the TinyMCE (WYSiWYG) editor it is important that no formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline) is applied to the special characters ({=>|}) as this will cause the translation substitution to fail.

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