Cab Grid Pro can calculate return journey prices. This is found under the OPTIONS tab of the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin labelled, “Offer return journey option:

When enabled there is a choice of two methods Cab Grid can use to calculate return journey prices:

Enabling Return Journeys

To begin with, Return Journeys must be enabled. To do this, set the “Offer return journey option:” to “YES

Once enabled, visitors will see the one-way/return icon in the price calculator box. If selected, Cab Grid will attempt to provide a price for a return journey.


How the ‘lookup price’ (for both legs) setting works

To enable this option, select ‘Lookup price for journey in reverse‘ from the drop down next to the ‘YES’ return option.

With this option selected the calculator will lookup both the outbound and return price for a journey and combine them to produce an overall return price. This allows for different prices for outbound and return legs to be combined.

For example, if town centre to suburb equates to $10.00 and suburb to town centre equates to $12.00, the return price would be calculated as $10.00 + $12.00 = $22.00.

Note: If one or other leg (outbound or return) has no price specified, the journey will revert to one-way only.

Also see: Auto-enter return journey prices in the pricing table….


How the ‘formula’ return journey setting works

This setting will provide a return journey price for any journey. Entering a price for each individual return leg is not required. A return price will be calculated even if the destination area is not enabled as an origin location.

To enable this option, select ‘Use formula to calculate return price‘ from the drop down next to the ‘YES’ return option. Then enter a formula in the subsequent text field.

When a visitor selects a return journey, the outbound price is looked up in the pricing table. The formula entered is then applied to calculate the return price.

For example, if the outbound price is $20.00 and the formula is entered as *2, the calculation will be 20 x 2 = $40.00.

For more info on entering formulae and syntax, please see Price Variations and Formulae.

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