Reset all CabGrid pricesCabGrid Pro version 5.9.4 adds an option to delete all prices, places, vehicles and extras with one click. This can be useful if looking to reset your CabGrid Pro configuration or you are encountering problems. It saves having to manually remove individual items, and wipes any orphaned data (data that is stored in the database, but not shown in the CabGrid interface).

In the info section of the AREAS, VEHICLES, PRICES and EXTRAS tabs there will be a reset link (see image, right). Clicking this link will initiate the reset process for that data type, You will be prompted to confirm before any data is deleted. However, once confirmed, data is deleted and not recoverable. It is recommended you take a backup before carrying out this process.

You can choose to delete all or only some of these data types. However, you may find deleting one has an impact on others. For example, if you delete all places (via the AREAS tab), you will find prices have disappeared since there are now no corresponding places. You can add new prices once new destinations (places) are added, but you should probably also use the ‘reset all prices‘ function to remove the (now) orphaned prices.


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