Cab Grid Gutenberg BlockWordPress version 5.0 introduced a new block-style editor named, “Gutenberg“. This editor replaced the old TinyMCE editor, allowing users to place multiple individual “blocks” of content in a post or page. The Gutenberg editor is designed to provide greater control over layout. It ships with a number of built-in blocks such as paragraph, image, video, heading and many more.

Note, the Gutenberg editor will only load if the active theme supports it and the Classic Editor plugin is not active.

It is possible to add custom blocks that augment the built-on set providing additional functionality. CabGrid offers dedicated blocks for the Gutenberg editor. These will appear within the “Widgets” section of the Add Block panel and can be placed anywhere on a page just like any other block.

CabGrid offers a basic block that will display the basic calculator on your web site.

CabGrid Pro offers two additional blocks. One for the main price calculator interface, and another the displays the CaGrid Pro Price Table. Each of these allows attributes to be assigned within the admin editor interface. Each block has its own set of attributes meaning multiple CabGrid blocks can exist on a page, each with different settings and parameters.

Cab Grid WordPress Gutenberg Blocks require CabGrid v1.4+ and/or CabGrid Pro v5.4+.

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