CabGrid Pro can process debit or credit card payments out of the box via Paypal:

  1. Select the OPTIONS tab on the CabGrid Pro admin page in the WordPress admin Section
  2. Enter your Paypal ID (usually your email address) in the ‘Paypal ID & Currency:’ field.
  3. Select your preferred currency from the currency drop down.
  4. Click the Save Changes button
CabGrid Pro Paypal Options

CabGrid Pro Paypal Options

If a Paypal ID is entered, a payment button will be presented to the customer at the end of the booking process. When clicked, the customer will be directed to Paypal’s website to make a payment. At the end of the payment process, the customer will be invited to return to the page selected under PAYPAL SUCCESS PAGE (see below). Note, it is not guaranteed that the customer will return to your site as it relies on their action (to click the link).

If the Booking Management add-on is installed, the payment will be recorded against the booking. Otherwise, a separate email from Paypal will confirm that payment has been made.
[NOTE: From July 2018, Paypal will require a website to use https in order to receive payment notifications.]

If no ID is entered, the Paypal payment button will not be shown after the booking form is submitted. It will also not be an option for paying after booking via the Booking Management Add-on.



Paypal accepts a wide range of currencies (but not every currency). Following the Paypal ID box under the CabGrid Pro OPTIONS tab, there is a currency drop down. (This is independent of the currency symbol that can be specified at the top of the OPTIONS tab.) A currency should be selected here. This should be a currency already available in the Paypal account. Paypal accounts can be denominated in several currencies.

Your customers will check out in the selected currency. Their card provider will handle the currency exchange.


Deposit or part-payment with Paypal

From CabGrid Pro v5, a formula can be entered (under the SETTINGS tab) that can calculate either a surcharge or deposit to be paid at the time of booking.


Success/Cancel pages

Note: This feature requires CabGrid Pro version 5.8.22 or higher.

Customers are redirected to a ‘success’ page on your site if their payment is successful. By default, this is your home page, but it is possible to set a dedicated page containing further details:

  1. Create and publish a new page within WordPress giving the information to be displayed after a successful payment.
  2. Go to the CabGrid Pro OPTIONS tab
  3. Scroll to the PAYPAL SUCCESS PAGE option and select the new page from the drop-down menu.
  4. Save changes

If a customer aborts the PayPal payment process they will be directed to a ‘cancel‘ page. This is your home page by default. However, you can define a dedicated page by entering the page URL in the advanced settings file or the free Defaults Add-on plugin: $cabGridPpCnlURL

$cabGridIncPaypalLink=1; //determines if a Paypal link is included in the booking notifcation email sent to admin
$cabGridPpRtnURL=""; //page customers sent to after successfull PayPal payment. Default: Site Home Page. Format: https://domain.tld/success-page
$cabGridPpCnlURL=""; //page customers sent to when cancelling PayPal payment. Default: Site Home Page. Format: https://domain.tld/fail-page

The advanced settings also allow a custom success page URL to be defined: $cabGridPpRtnURL. This could allow for additional parameters to be passed if a more complex success page URL is required. If this is used, the PAYPAL SUCCESS PAGE option should be set to ‘Use Default…’

Note: The CabGrid Stripe Add-on provides further options to customise the success message.


Using PayPal with the CabGrid Stripe Add-on

If PayPal is not a suitable payment processing solution, we have created an add-on plugin that integrates with the Stripe online card payment processing service. If enabled this will also be made available as payment button at the end of the booking process or via the acceptance email link.

CabGrid Pro Stripe Add-on Interface

Paypal option via CabGrid Stripe Add-on

As of version 3.2.2, the CabGrid Stripe add-on also provides an option to check out with Paypal. This option is more tightly integrated with the Stripe checkout interface and is recommended when Stripe is enabled. When in use, the PayPal ID should be removed from the CabGrid Pro OPTIONS tab. This prevents two PayPal buttons being shown at checkout.

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