WSPay is a credit card or debit card payment processing service for users in Croatia. Cab Grid offers an add-on plugin that integrates WSPay checkout with Cab Grid Pro. To obtain the WSPay Integration Add-on Plugin for Cab Grid Pro, please complete the enquiry form.

Once installed, the WSPAY tab will appear along side other Cab Grid Pro tabs in the WordPress Admin. Within the WSPAY tab a number of form fields expect WS Pay parameters to be entered.

When in LIVE mode, and provided WS Pay parameters have been entered, customers will be offered the WS Pay checkout button AFTER submitting their taxi booking request. The pay button can be configured to charge the full amount, a deposit, or add a surcharge on top.

When the customer clicks the WSPay button they are directed to the WSPay website. Here they can enter their credit card or debit card details, and their payment will be processed by WSPay. At the end of the WSPay process the customer is redirected back to a page defined in the form.

The following parameters are expected….

Shop ID

The Shop ID is a unique text string provided by WS Pay. It is normally included with their initial documentation sent on registration.


Select the currency payment will be charged in. This is largely for labelling purposes as the WSPay account is fixed to the local currency.


Use a formula to adjust the price to apply a surcharge or deposit discount. Enter a formula in this box and it will be applied to the calculated price.

It is advisable to describe any price modifications in the ‘Booking Sent Message‘ field under the OPTIONS tab on the Cab Grid Pro admin page in WordPress.


If an additional fee should be charged for online Stripe transactions, this can be entered here.
Example 1: To add a fixed amount of $3.50, enter +3
Example 2: To add a 3 percent surcharge, enter *1.03


If a deposit (or part) payment is preferred instead of full payment, a formula can be defined to calculate the fee paid.
Example 1: To take a 15% deposit, enter *0.15
Example 2: To insure the deposit is not too low add a fixed amount enter *0.15+3 to charge 15% of full price and add $3.00.
Example 3: To charge a flat rate deposit enter *0+5 (to charge $5 for all bookings regardless of amount).


The WSPay add-on can operate in either TEST mode or LIVE mode.

Test mode

In test mode, the WS Pay button is only visible to logged in administrators. It is hidden from regular customers until LIVE mode is enabled.

During the testing phase, a set of dedicated demo credit card numbers can be used to test. These can be downloaded from the WSPay administration panel.

Live mode

In live mode only real valid credit or debit card numbers will result in a completed transaction. The WSPay button is visible to all customers.

Secret Key (LIVE/TEST)

The Secret Key field requires a text string (key) be entered for both LIVE and TEST modes. Depending on which mode is set (above), the relevant Secret Key field will be displayed.

The secret key itself is a text string provided by WSPay with their initial documentation sent on registration.


This is the text label shown on the WSPay button.

Redirect URL

This is the complete web address (URL) of a page that the customer is sent to if their payment is successfully processed.

Error URL

This is the complete web address (URL) that the customer is sent to if their payment fails.

Cancel URL

This is the complete web address (URL) that the customer is sent to if they cancel or abort the payment process before completing the transaction.

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