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Cab Grid is specifically designed as a WordPress plugin (that is – it only currently works with WordPress based websites). It provides a simple grid interface where prices for journeys between two points can be entered.

Cab Grid came about through development of its older sibling, TaxiMap. In case you haven’t come across it, TaxiMap is a map-based taxi fare price calculator plugin for websites (WordPress or otherwise). It provides a fully fledged price calculation and booking system. However, for some taxi firms TaxiMap was overkill… they did not want or need all of its functionality. That’s where Cab Grid comes in…

Many cab companies focus on a certain type of journey – such as airport transfers – and only need specify prices for fairly similar journeys. Cab grid makes it easy for your customers to get prices for simple A to B journeys by providing a simple grid for these prices to be entered.

Visitors are shown a simple set of drop down menus allowing them to select a starting location and a destination area. Having selected both areas a price is displayed along with a customisable message.

Cab Grid comes in two flavours, ‘Basic‘ and ‘Pro‘. The basic version is free and available from the WordPress Plugin Directory or as a direct download here. The Pro version adds some additional features such as unlimited areas and additional vehicle types which are factored into the price calculation. The pro version is available to download for a small fee.

Basic Cab Grid Workflow…

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