[NOTE: This feature requires Cab Grid Pro v4.4.1]
Cab Grid Pro displays messages to visitors at various points in the calculation/booking process. These messages are largely configurable through the Cab Grid Pro admin page, under the OPTIONS tab. They include:

  • No Price Message‘ – shown to visitors if a price in not available for their selected options.
  • Pre-Book Message‘ – shown along with price and, if enabled, the book button
  • Booking Sent Message‘ – shown after the booking form has been submitted, and before any payment button is clicked

The admin page offers a visual word processor style (WYSiWYG) editor for these message. Text can be formatted using the editor buttons, or it is possible to switch to text-only mode and directly enter (or edit) basic HTML. In visual mode clicking the reveal icon will show more editor buttons:reveal

These messages fields also support text substitutions (with relevant Cab Grid data) and translations.

Text Substitutions

Like the custom email acknowledgments message, relevant Cab Grid data cab be substituted into these messages using the triple-slash syntax.The data available depends on the message.

Example: Add a custom link instead of using the Cab Grid Booking form

Note: turn off the booking form feature by setting ‘Show Book Button (& Form)‘ to ‘No‘ under the OPTIONS tab of the Cab Grid Pro admin page.

Now, under ‘Pre-Book Message‘ switch to text mode by clicking the text tab next to the visual tab. Enter the following:
<a href="/booking-from-///origin///-to-///dest///">Book ///origin/// to ///dest/// for for ///curr//////price/// in ///vehicle///</a>
Result: when a price is calculated, a message like this will be shown with the price:

Book London to Heathrow for $25 in Mercedes SUV

It is also possible to use the visual editor to build this link, but it may not be as clear what goes where… Or, one could use the visual editor to create the basic link, then switch to text mode in order to add the text-substitutions.

Common text-substitutions for No Price Message & Pre-Book Message

Key Description Example value
///origin/// Selected pick-up place name London
///dest/// Selected drop-off place name Manchester
///vehicle/// Vehicle (either selected or allocated) Mercedes
///price/// Numeric value of initial price calculated 25
///curr/// Currency for price £
///passengers/// Number of passengers (if in passenger layout) 2
///tickets/// Number of tickets (if in ticket layout) 3
///luggage/// Number of suitcases (if in passenger layout) 4
///return/// Journey type: One-way or Return return

Booking Sent Message Text Substitutions

The booking sent message field has access to all of the data from the booking form (including custom form fields). Please see this article for a list of common text substitutions: https://cabgrid.com/help-and-support/customising-booking-acknowledgement-emails/.

Including custom data (Custom Form Fields & Extras)

To substitute values for custom form fields or extras, the exact name of the field or extra must be used as the placeholder surrounded by three slashes. For example: ///my form field/// or ///my extra///

Translating Messages (multi-lingual versions of messages)

Some messages also support multiple language versions (translations). Text-substitutions can still be used within translated versions.
For more information on adding messages in other languages, see https://cabgrid.com/help-and-support/translating-custom-input/.

You may also be interested in customising various labels used in the Cab Grid Pro interface

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