In CabGrid Pro, customers fill out a form to request a booking. This is sent to the WordPress admin email address (ADMIN > SETTINGS > GENERAL > Email Address). If enabled, customers can also make a credit or debit card payment which is processed by Paypal (or other provider).

taxi dispatch managment

CabGrid Pro Booking Process Diagram (click to enlarge)

When a booking request is submitted, the taxi company can check the details and confirm or decline the booking using their usual mechanism. This might be as simple as replying to the booking email.

To avoid losing customers due to delayed booking confirmation, we recommend explaining the booking process in the acknowledgment message. This is configured in the CabGrid admin under the ‘Booking Sent Message‘ option.

The customer can also be sent a booking request acknowledgement email. The message can be customised in the Cab Grid Pro OPTIONS tab under ‘Email Acknowledgement Message.

Further to this, an email auto-responder can be configured to automatically reply to taxi booking requests. In this case it is advisable to configure a dedicated email address in the WordPress admin just for booking requests. This way a response can be tailored specifically for these requests.

Messages sent to customers are sent from the admin email address unless a dedicated email address is specified under ‘Email Sending Address‘ on the CabGrid Pro OPTIONS tab.

CabGrid will also attach a CSV file to admin notification emails containing raw booking data that can be imported directly into a third-party booking system.

Booking Management Add-on

The CabGrid Booking Management add-on allows bookings to be managed through the WordPress Admin. It also automates many booking process functions. This would normally be used to replace any off-line management process.


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