We already know Google places significance on page load times when ranking websites. and that customers have limited patience when waiting for a web page to load. WordPress plugins and themes can slow load times if they’re not built with speed in mind.

There are a number of steps site owners can take to improve load times. These include installing cache and optimisation plugins and implementing CDN delivery of assets. Unfortunately, if misconfigured or incompatible, these techniques can introduce further problems.

To this end we have attempted to make Cab Grid load as fast as possible. Only the code that is needed it loaded and only when it is needed, so essentially, installing Cab Grid on a web page has no to little impact on page load times.

The open source Lighthouse tool from Google can measure the performance of a web page, giving a score out of 100. When we run the Lighthouse Performance audit on a page with only Cab Grid and Cab Grid Pro running, we achieve a score of 100 in both mobile and desktop performance tests.

Watch the 1 min video below…

Demonstration of performance tests for Cab Grid and Cab Grid Pro using Lighthouse.

WordPress 5.2
PHP 7.3.4
Cab Grid Pro 5.3.4
Cab Grid 1.3.12
Theme 2.5 (Twenty Fifteen)
Browser 60.0.3255.59 (Opera)
No other active plugins

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