CabGrid Pro v5.6 and above is transitioning away from the URL rewrite technique previously in use. In general, for versions higher than this, it is recommended to turn friendly URLs off.

Cab Grid Pro v5 makes use of URL rewrite functionality to present more user-friendly web addresses for resources. Amongst other advantages, this helps with email deliverability since some spam filters flag messages which link to WordPress folders.

Cab Grid Pro v5 will attempt to update rewrite rules automatically. This requires the .htaccess file on Linux (or web.config on Windows) in the WordPress install directory be editable by WordPress. However, not every web server supports this functionality. It may be that the rules need to be updated manually (see below).

NGINX Users… If your website is hosted using solely the NGINX web server URL rewrite functionality is not natively available. (see Because of this, NGINX users should set ‘Use Friendly URLs‘ to ‘NO
WINDOWS Users… If your website is hosted on a Windows server, CabGrid’s URL rewrite functionality may not be fully supported. Because of this, WINDOWS users should set ‘Use Friendly URLs‘ to ‘NO

Check Site & WordPress URLs

From the WordPress admin panel, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL. Insure the Site Address (URL) and WordPress Address (URL) match. Here is an illustration (click to enlarge):

Try re-saving permalinks: From the WordPress admin, go to SETTINGS > PERMALINKS and click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom twice. This will look up all of WordPress’ required rewrite rules and attempt to update the .htaccess file.

If this fails, the .htaccess file will need to be updated manually. This involves downloading the .htaccess (or Web.config on Windows) file using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application from the web server, editing it, and re-uploading it to the server.

WordPress will display the appropriate rules to be added. They are displayed at the bottom of the Permalinks page. Here is an illustration (click to enlarge):

Turn off friendly (rewrite) URLs

[Requires Cab Grid Pro v5.1] It is possible that URL rewriting may fail and cause problems. In this case, it is recommended to revert to longer direct link URLs:

  1. Log in to WordPress admin
  2. Click Cab Grid Pro (from admin menu on left)
  3. Click the Cab Grid Pro OPTIONS tab
  4. Scroll to the option labelled “USE FRIENDLY URLS”
  5. Click the radio button labelled “No” to switch off rewrites (use long direct link addresses).
  6. Click SAVE at bottom

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