CabGrid Features

CabGrid Free WordPress Plugin Features

Cab Grid (basic edition) is available as free taxi fare price calculator plugin for WordPress based websites. It can be downloaded and installed directly from your WordPress admin by searching the WordPress plugin directory for ‘cab grid‘.

There are many applications for the Cab Grid plugin – not only taxi or minicab journeys. It could be used as a bus, coach or train ticket price calculator, for example, or for a shared ride scheme, school run or airport transfer service.

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Details of the basic Cab Grid plugin’s features…

Up to 10 areas

Up to 10 places, regions, localities, or areas can be defined by entering them one by one on the AREAS tab on the Cab Grid plugin’s WordPress admin page (located in the admin menu on the left).

Single Vehicle

In comparison to Cab Grid Pro, the basic version supports only one vehicle. This makes the price calculation much more simple. There is only one price table to complete. Prices for journeys between each of the [up to] ten areas are entered in this table.

Price Grid

Prices are entered in a simple grid (table). Each area is listed as both an origin (or pickup point) and a destination allowing prices to be entered for journeys between the two.

Prices can be different for return journeys. For example, the price for a journey from PLACE-A to PLACE-B might be $10.00, but a journey from PLACE-B to PLACE-A (the reverse/return of the first example) can be set to $12.00.

WordPress Shortcode

Cab Grid can be implemented on WordPress pages using a shortcode: [cabGrid]

Using the standard WordPress page or post editor, this shortcode can be placed anywhere (and as many times) as required.

Unlike the pro version, the basic edition of Cab Grid has no shortcode attributes used to further customise the appearance of the calculator on a website.

Gutenberg and Other Visual [Block] Editors

Since CabGrid is added to a WordPress website via a shortcode, it is fully compatible with visual/block editors like Elementor, Divi, and WPBakery. 

CabGrid also offers a dedicated Gutenberg block that will add the taxi price calculator directly in WordPress’s new Gutenberg block editor.

WordPress Sidebar Widget

WordPress supports ‘widgets’ that appear in certain locations across all posts/pages (where set). Most commonly this is a sidebar or footer area. Widget areas are defined by your theme.

Cab Grid provides a widget that allows the price calculator to be displayed in these widget areas. In the basic edition of Cab Grid there are some minor options such as title and height available to be configured when adding the Cab Grid widget.

Custom CSS

The Cab Grid plugin is already designed to look attractive in most circumstances. It will adapt to the screen size or confines defined. However, under the OPTIONS tab, there is a field that allows custom styles to be defined.

Some understanding of CSS (the syntax used to define styling) is required, but it can be used to change virtually every aspect of the plugin’s appearance from background colour to type-face and font size and colour.

Custom Currency Symbol

Prices will be displayed with the currency symbol defined in the OPTIONS tab ($/£/€/¥/etc.).

Custom Message

When a price is calculated it is displayed to the customer. Since there is no booking facility in the basic edition of cab grid, instructions cab be provided detailing the customer’s next steps.

These might be a telephone number to call, a link to a booking page on the site or some other process… After-all, the plugin may only be being used as a price guide, rather than fully-fledged taxi booking system.

Multi-lingual Support

Cab Grid is translation ready. Every piece of text, label, instruction, button, link, phrase or wording is coded so it can be easily translated using industry standard tools – such as PoEdit.

Cab Grid has already been professionally translated into the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Spanish

GDPR Compliant

Cab Grid does not collect or store any customer information. See our GDPR article.

No Payment

Unlike Cab Grid Pro, the basic edition of Cab Grid does not directly support taking online payments for journeys calculated through the system.