Techniques for handling taxi journeys to unlisted destinations

In some cases you may want to provide a means for visitors to get prices for taxi journeys between locations you do not list using Cab Grid. Or, you may want to encourage customers to contact you concerning journeys where you have not (yet) entered a price. This article discusses techniques you can employ to achieve both goals.

No price available link example

Add an ‘-other’ location

cab-grid-other-destination-exampleIf you add an extra location to the AREAS tab on the Cab Grid admin  page labelled ‘-other‘ you can indicate to visitors that they can select this option if their destination is not listed.

You would not enter any prices for journeys to or from this other location. This way, when a customer selects ‘other’ as either their pickup or destination, the ‘no price’ message will be displayed instead of a BOOK button.

You can encourage the customer to call, or you could link to another web-form used to requests custom quotes…

Note: As with all areas, your ‘-other’ destination may be hidden from certain groups. See How to use groups.

Add a custom quote link to the ‘no price‘ message

cab-grid-no-price-message-adminThe message displayed to customers if no price is available can contain HTML. If a price is not available for the selected journey (or they have selected ‘other’ – as detailed above), you can encourage the customer to complete a custom booking request form. This form would be created by a third-party WordPress plugin (such as ContactForm7).

Assuming you have created a page (or section of the same page) containing this custom form you can add a link to the ‘no price‘ message as per the following example…

<a href="link-to-your-quote-form">No price available for this journey, please request a quote...</a>

Note: This needn’t only be for ‘-other’ destinations, if will apply to any journey for which no price is available (or has been entered in the admin).

Demo Form

This is an example quote form created using Contact Form 7. See above article for details on how it might be used on your site…

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