New in Cab Grid Pro v4.0 is a tab labelled, “Extras”. This allows an unlimited number of extra items (sundries) to be made available to customers when making a booking. This could include simple items, such as refreshments, or could be used to enable complex customisations for a trip.

If extras have been added (and online booking is enabled), they will be made available at the bottom of the booking form.

Adding an extra is simple:

  • Under the EXTRAS tab on the Cab Grid Pro WordPress admin page enter an item name under the ADD EXTRA heading
  • Add a price for that item
  • Add an (optional) description
  • Click the image field to add an (optional) image to represent the item
  • Click the green ADD button

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  • Extras

    Select additional items to add to your booking

    • Water


      Chilled mineral water



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