Cab Grid Pro version 4.0 introduces the ability to compose bespoke booking acknowledgement messages emailed to your customer when the taxi booking form is submitted. This email is completely customisable with details entered on the taxi booking form.

Custom email acknowledgement setup

Custom email acknowledgement setup

On the Cab Grid Pro OPTIONS tab, there is now a rich-text editor (TinyMCE WYSiWYG) under ‘Email acknowledgement message‘. This allows text to be formatted and the inclusion of HTML functionality such as links. A custom message can be composed which is sent to the customer when the journey booking form is submitted (provided booking is enabled under ‘Show book button & form‘).

When the email is processed, text-substitutions replace special place-holders with details from the booking form as submitted by the customer. These can even include custom form fields.

Text Substitution Format

The custom message is searched for text surrounded with three forward slashes, like this: ///price///

The text within the forward slashes can be the name of any form field on the booking form. These can be the standard fields or custom fields added in the OPTIONS tab under ‘Additional Form Fields‘.

For example, if an additional form field labelled, ‘Additional Requirements‘ has been added to the booking form, the value entered by the customer can be substituted in the acknowledgement email by including ///Additional Requirements/// in the email acknowledgment message field.

A list of the standard form fields is provided below.

Include All Booking Data

In addition to the custom message, the complete details of the booking request can be included. To enable this option, set ‘Include booking details‘ (located below the custom email text box) to ‘Yes‘.

If set to ‘no’ only the custom message will be delivered to the customer.

Standard Substitutions

///price-type/// Price variation
///price/// Quoted Price
///vehicle/// Selected vehicle
///currencyCode/// 3 character ISO code
///calcMethod/// Passengers/Vehicle/Tickets
///passengers/// No. Passengers
///luggage/// Luggage Quantity
///return/// Round Trip (y/n)
///To_Area/// Selected Origin
///From_Area/// Selected Destination
///pickupDate/// Pickup Date & Time
///returnDate/// Return Date & Time (if required)
///name/// Customer Name
///email/// Customer email
///tel/// Customer telephone
///pickupAddress/// Entered pick up address
///destinationAddress/// Entered destination address
///cabGridProDiscountCode/// Entered discount code
///cabGridProBookingID/// System booking ID (generated)
///lang/// Customer language

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