Cab Grid Pro Development Roadmap

We’re excited about developing Cab Grid, adding new features and making it better for all users. Below we set out the development roadmap for Cab Grid Pro detailing some of the recent and upcoming features we are planning. If you have a suggestion or feature request, please feel free to post in the comments below.

Cab Grid Pro version 4.0 has now been released and incorporates many of the features detailed below.

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Cab Grid is specifically designed as a WordPress plugin (that is – it only currently works with WordPress based websites). It provides a simple grid interface where prices for journeys between two points can be entered.

Cab Grid Planned Features Table

Item Status Version
Date/Time Input Improvements
– Offer lead time & last date controls, and exclude specific dates from booking form
Released 4.2
User input translations
– Provide a mechanism for translating text entered in the WordPress admin
Released 4.1
Bulk Price Updates
– Provide an interface for updating all prices in a price table (via formula) [initial support from v3.8]
– Preview changes before committing
– Duplicate entire vehicle price table
Released 4.0
Bulk Price Updates (Phase 2)
– Provide a means of updating prices based on groups. (Price for all journeys from ‘Group A’ to ‘Group B’)
Planning 4.?
Notification Emails Improvements
– design and layout improvements for emails sent to user and customer.
– WYSiWYG editor including text substitutions for booking form data
Released 4.0
Auto update
– built in automatic updates and notifications within the WordPress admin
Released 4.0
Discount Code
– Allow users to define discount codes that modify calculated prices based on a formula (percent or fixed amount off)
Released 4.0
Extras/Options add to price
– Allow extras to be defined and added to price (e.g. water/wifi)
Released 4.0
– built in usage reports and analytics… as of v3 external reporting available via Google Analytics
Review ?
Built-in Help
– currently some help available as tool-tips and links through to Cab Grid Support page
Review ?
Return Logic
– currently user would have to book 2 journeys (outbound & return) to get accurate pricing. This update would calculate return price for a single booking using the return journey pricing set in table.
Released 4.0
– Download a backup of settings and prices
– Import backup
Review ?
Post calculated price data to third-parties (as of v4.4.1 text-substitutions can provide this functionality)
– Could be useful if using third-party/custom form or checkout
Review/Partial 4.4.1 (part)
Find-Taxi Integration
– Listing on Find a Taxi directory
Planning ?
Tiny-MCE toolbar button
– Adds a button to the tiny-mce editor toolbar that inserts the Cab Grid shortcode at the cursor
Released 4.0.1
Table Layout
– New/additional shortcode to display an entire pricing tableReview?
Review ?
Selectable processing graphic
– List of animated icons in options. Shown when price being calculated.
Review ?
Predefined journey via link
– Origin/Destination can already be preset via shortcode attributes. This feature would allow origin & destination to be predefined via a link
Review ?
Unlisted/Other Journey Logic
– Could be improved with a built in quote request form?
Review ?
SMS Text Message Notifications (likely a special add-on)
– Integrate SMS text messaging to notify users about booking requests
Review ?
Booking form CAPTCHA
– Add a challenge to protect from spam/fake booking requests
Review ?
Area/Place Sorting
– Allow user to define a custom sort order for places in origin/dest drop-downs
Review ?
Stripe card processing integration (likely a special add-on)
– Add support for checkout card processing via Stripe
Released 4.3
Multiple Stops
– Allow customers to add extra stops (A to B to C etc)
Review ?
Alternative Styles
– Provide easy access to built-in alternative styles (possibly via shortcode attribute)
Review ?
Multiple Role Access
– Allow admin to grant access to the plugin interface for other user roles (e.g. Editor/Author/Subscriber)
Review ?
Destinations Dependant on Selected Origin
– Destination drop-down list would change based on the selected origin
Review ?
Ticket Multiplier
-Currently the ticket layout simply multiplies the price by the number of tickets. This could be improved so that the user defines the formula for multiple tickets (e.g. ticket price by 0.8 per ticket)
Review ?
Allow multiple vehicles (aggregate journeys)
– Allow larger parties to book journeys by supplying multiple vehicles for a given journey. For example a journey for 8 passengers might be spread across 2 (or more) vehicles. Cab Grid would automatically calculate best vehicle combination.
Review ?
Send booking data as CSV
– Booking request emails would optionally include a CSV containing all booking data as an attachment. This could then be quickly (or automatically) imported to local systems on receipt.
Released 4.5
Better AMP Support
Accelerated Mobile Pages are already supported, but only as a link to full version of a page. This could be improved to render Cab Grid on AMP pages.
Planning ?
Custom Cancellation/Management (via Booking Management Add-on)
– Option for customers to cancel or amend bookings managed via the Booking Management Add-on.
Review ?
Include payment link on confirm (via Booking Management Add-on)
– Include a payment link with confirmations sent via the Booking Management Add-on.
Released v4.5.6 (BMA v1.3)
Part Payment (deposit)/Card Surcharge
– Add option to take part payment instead of full payment with booking requests.
– Add option to add an additional processing fee (surcharge) to card transactions.
(Functionality currently available as part of Stripe Add-on
Planning v5.0
Part Payment (deposit)/Card Surcharge
– Add option to take part payment instead of full payment with booking requests.
– Add option to add an additional processing fee (surcharge) to card transactions.
(Functionality currently available as part of Stripe Add-on
Planning v5.0
Conditional/Augmented Custom Form Fields
– Allow custom form fields to validate depending on other input
– Allow links on field labels
– Add tool-tips to help users
Planning ?
Woo Commerce Integration
– Currently this feature is deemed unnecessary. Read why…
Hold ?

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