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Some may think their website runs entirely on WooCommerce. In fact, Woo Commerce is an extension for WordPress. So, if you are running WooCommerce, you are running WordPress, and if you’re running WordPress you can run Cab Grid without any additional requirements.

You don’t need WooCommerce to run Cab Grid…

Several Cab Grid users have asked about WooCommerce integration. WooCommerce is an e-commerce (shop) platform/plugin for WordPress. As of Cab Grid Pro v4.2, WooCommerce integration is not required or available. This article is concerned with whether WooCommerce integration is either necessary or a good idea. We invite you to post your thoughts in the comments section below… (specifically, any use-case example where WooCommerce would be required)

WooCommerce’s primary functionality provides a means for listing fixed price tangible products. It does offer some variance and a great deal of customisation. It also offers many features that benefit the traditional shop model – such as stock control and payment processing. Many of these features are not relevant to a taxi (or travel) booking service.

For the most part, Cab Grid is expecting to calculate prices for single journeys and offer booking thereof. There is no need for a ‘shopping cart’ to store multiple items – in fact, such a feature would only complicate the Cab Grid service – enabling booking of multiple journeys in one transaction… The data collected for each would be overwhelming and confusing for the customer. So, with that in mind, Cab Grid Pro’s booking and payment functionality sticks to a single journey per transaction.

Another feature of WooCommerce that could be an advantage over Cab Grid’s standard feature set is payment processor integration and options. At present Cab Grid Pro can take payments via Paypal alone whereas WooCommerce offers integration with other services, such as Stripe. If no payment gateway (Paypal) is entered in Cab Grid, booking requests are emailed to the admin contact. It is down to them to request payment and process as desired… e.g. cash at end of journey.

Cab Grid will also generate a Paypal link which can subsequently be sent to the customer to make a payment after the booking is accepted. Because bookings are not necessarily acceptable at the time of booking, this provides flexibility.

That said, Cab Grid could also provide integration with other payment processing providers (such as Stripe) in future (if there’s demand for it).

WooCommerce will also provide customisable checkout forms. However, Cab Grid already provides customisable booking forms with all information being sent to the administrator via email. Cab Grid does not [currently] offer a means of storing booking requests online (accessible from the WordPress admin). Again, if there was demand for this feature, it could be built in to Cab Grid without the need for WooCommerce. It is assumed that transport business will already have their own booking management processes, so such a feature is unnecessary.

Overall, in Cab Grid it is our aim to provide a simple and effective stand-alone journey fare calculator and booking service without the need for other third-party plugins, and thus integrating WooCommerce is not something we would consider a benefit to the system. However, we would welcome your thoughts and comments on this below – especially with use-case examples?…

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