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Individual WordPress User Discounts in Cab Grid Pro

Individual WordPress User Discounts in Cab Grid Pro

Cab Grid Pro version 5 allows a dedicated discount formula to be defined for individual users logged in to your website. When a logged-in user calculates a journey fare price, their dedicated discount is automatically applied.

Discount formulas are defined in the user’s profile page. This article describes how to set up dedicated user discounts.

Mailpoet Integration

Mailpoet Integration

Cab Grid Pro version 5.1 introduces the ability to offer a “Join our mailing list” checkbox on the taxi booking form. When checked, a customer’s name and email are added to the designated list.

MailPoet is a free Wordpress plugin that provides mailing list management and scheduling from within the Wordpress admin.

Cab Grid Pro Calculation Modes

Cab Grid Pro Calculation Modes

As a taxi price calculator, Cab Grid Pro supports several different calculation models – that is the method used to look-up and calculate the price. This article describes each of those. The calculation mode can be set globally under the OPTIONS tab on the Cab...

Cab Grid Pro Development Roadmap

We’re excited about developing Cab Grid, adding new features and making it better for all users. Below we set out the development roadmap for Cab Grid Pro detailing some of the recent and upcoming features we are planning. If you have a suggestion or feature...
Cab Grid Pro Shortcode Attributes

Cab Grid Pro Shortcode Attributes

Cab Grid Pro’s shortcode supports attributes that can adjust the appearance and functionality of each instance of Cab Grid on your website. This article discusses what shortcode attribute are available and how to implement them (Layout/ID/Icons/Luggage/Pre-defined).

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