Cab Grid Pro provides the ability for admins to provide translated versions of their own text and labels entered via the Cab Grid Pro admin page.

All translations follow a fixed syntax:

  • Translations must be enclosed in curly braces immediately after the primary text: {}
  • The 2-char code for the target language is used as the key (fr,de,it,es,en,pt,etc)
  • The actual translation text must follow the key and an equals and greater-than sign.=>
  • Additional translations (other languages) are separated with a pipe |
  • The last translation should not be followed by a semi-colon (;) or pipe (|) character

Note: This means that the use of these special characters within the translated text could cause problems (pipe,curly braces, equals and greater-than).

OPTIONS fields that [currently] process translations include:

Syntax Example:

Booking Sent Message{fr=>Message de Réservation envoyé | de=>Mitteilung Buchung gesendet | es=>Mensaje de Reserva Enviada }

Note: Since the TinyMCE (WYSiWYG) editor was implemented for some of the translatable (message) fields, it is important that no formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline) is applied to the special characters ({=>|}) as this will cause the translation substitution to fail.

You may also be interested in substituting values into messages shown to visitors

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