Cab Grid Pro Destination Groups

Cab Grid Pro Destination Groups

Segment destinations by assigning them to groups, then display a version of Cab Grid for each group. This feature allows many instances of the Cab Grid plugin to be displayed on a single web page, each with a different purpose. For example, one for airport transfers, one for school runs, and one for suburban routes. This article describes how to use the Groups feature of the Cab Grid Pro plugin for WordPress.

Origin and Destination

Origin and Destination

How to configure the ORIGIN and DESTINATION options for areas in the Cab Grid Pro taxi price calculator plugin for WordPress.

High Number of Areas (Places)

Cab Grid Pro version 5.0 provides two new features to address this issue: 1. Manage prices using the IMPORT feature. 2. Price tables are now paginated when there are more than 250 cells. Cab Grid Pro allows an unlimited number of places to be added. However, a very...
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