This error message may appear on the CabGrid Pro admin page:


We have been unable to send a test email.

There may be a problem with your hosting settings. Please insure you have set up your server correctly to send email.

Click here to try again. (This message will disappear if successful)

This error message may appear when making a booking:

Sorry, your request could not be sent. Please check your details and try again. If the problem persists, please telephone us to make your booking.

CabGrid Pro uses the mail components of WordPress and PHP to send email messages to the administrator and customers. It tests to insure it can send messages. If this test fails the message above is displayed.

Recommended Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Check the site admin email address is valid under WORDPRESS ADMIN > SETTINGS > GENERAL > ADMINISTRATION EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Check the CabGrid email address is valid and permitted to send messages via your server under WORDPRESS ADMIN > CABGRID PRO > OPTIONS > EMAIL SENDING ADDRESS
  • Try to send an email message using a simple contact form (for example, using the Contact Form 7 plug-in).
  • Check your web server has the required PHP mail components installed.
  • Check your web server’s PHP mail configuration.
  • Contact your hosting provider or check their support articles concerning mail. (Some providers may restrict messages based on sender or recipient address. Insure the email address(es) configured in WordPress/CabGrid are permitted to send messages.)
  • Try using SMTP via a plugin such as WP-Mail-SMTP or Post SMTP
  • Try using a 3rd party mail service such as Send Grid or ZoHo. (June 2018: ZoHo does not currently support sending attachments, so some notifications using this solution may fail.)
  • Try changing the $cabGridProMailService value in the _settings.php (or Defaults add-on) between wp_mail and phpmailer. (Requires CabGrid Pro v5.8.21 or later.)

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