Cab Grid Pro version 5.0 provides two new features to address this issue:

1. Manage prices using the IMPORT feature.

2. Price tables are now paginated when there are more than 250 cells.

Cab Grid Pro allows an unlimited number of places to be added. However, a very high number of areas can put a strain on your web browser and computer. This is because the price table for each vehicle can contain up to the square of the number of places…

For example, for 100 places (set as both origin and destination), there would be 10,000 price cells per vehicle. If there are 3 vehicles, the browser will be trying to render 30,603 table cells (including labels) when the page loads. If the computer hardware (specifically RAM) is under powered, this may cause the browser to freeze, become unresponsive or crash.

Our recommendation is to keep the number of places to a minimum and use an ‘other‘ option to handle a wider area. We are, however, looking at ways to manage a high number of places more efficiently. We will update this article accordingly.

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