On your website, the Cab Grid Pro plugin’s main interface allows visitors to obtain taxi fare prices by selecting a starting location (origin) and a destination from drop-down menus. In the plugin’s WordPress admin section each area can be set as either origin or destination or both. Assigning a location to either (origin or destination) will cause that location to be listed in the corresponding drop down.

This gives visitors a clearer idea of which journeys you offer by only listing the locations you support in the pick up drop down menu – and the same for the drop off list.

Assign areas as origin/destination

Under the ‘AREAS’ tab of the Cab Grid Pro plugin page in your WordPress admin you will see your list of locations you travel between. Next to each are two further columns containing checkboxes for ‘Origin’ and ‘Destination’. When you tick the checkbox on the ‘Origin’ column, that area will be included in the ‘pick-up’ drop down menu. If you tick the checkbox in the destination column, that area will appear in the ‘drop off’ menu within the Cab Grid interface on your website. Obviously, you can select one or other or both as you desire.

The origin and destination assignment will be obeyed even if the location drop-down lists are further filtered/reduced using groups.

Pricing Table

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 16.04.48When you set areas as origin or destination the price table under the ‘Prices’ tab in your WordPress admin will change accordingly.

Only areas set as ‘origin’ will appear in the ‘from’ column in the pricing grid. Likewise, only areas set as destination will appear in the ‘to’ row.


“Single” shortcode attribute…
The “single” shortcode attribute allows a specific origin or destination to be listed as the only place for a given instance of the Cab Grid Pro price calculator, rather than globally (as the origin/dest columns). See Shortcode Attributes for more info.

Last Updated: 2018-09-16 (Cab Grid Pro v5.0.2)

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