CabGrid Pro version 5.8 introduces the following new features and changes.

CabGrid Pro version 5.8 is a free update available to all CabGrid Pro version 5 and later users.
The update is available via your WordPress admin either under UPDATES or PLUGINS.

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Click on-way/return to switch journey type

Over time we have struggled to find a fool-proof way to switch between one-way and return journeys. The icon displayed in the calculator can already be manipulated through CSS.

CabGrid Pro v5.8 makes the text label displayed next to prices a link to switch the journey type in addition to the main calculator icon. Since this label is enclosed in its own HTML <span> element it can also be styled using CSS.

For example: .cabGridPro .cabGridProRtnLbl {color:blue;text-decoration:underline;}

Table layout limited by row (origin) and/or column (destination)

The CabGrid Pro table shortcode displays a price table instead of the standard price calculator widget. The appearance of the price table is controlled through attributes that are added to the shortcode (or via settings in the Gutenberg block).

New in CabGrid Pro version 5.8, the rows and columns of the table can be limited based on places or areas. The table rows represent pick up or starting location, and the columns represent destination place names.

For more about table origin and destination shortcode attributes, see the Table Attributes article.

Limited Destination Example
Gatwick Airport$30.00$100.00
Heathrow Airport$20.00$35.00
London (Centre)$15.00
West End$15.00$5.00

Booking form full address labels now use the places selected by the customer

After a customer gets a price they are prompted to book and add further details about their booking, including pickup and destination addresses.

In CabGrid Pro versions prior to 5.8, these pickup and destination addresses were not directly associated with selected places used to look up the price. Now, the labels for the full address inputs on the taxi booking form are updated dynamically with the selected place names.

This should give the customer a clearer understanding of what details to enter in those fields.


Some further minor improvements…

Booking form styling – better alignment

We have made some improvements to the styling of the calculator widget and booking form. Most notably, the form fields should now consistently line up to both right and left margins.


Links to bookings now limit booking table to the booking in question

For those with the CabGrid Booking Management Add-on plugin installed, booking notification emails contain a direct link to the Booking Management admin interface. This is so the booking can be accepted or declined directly from the system.

Prior to CabGrid Pro version 5.8 the link would show the entire booking table, meaning administrators would need to further identify the booking they just clicked on. Now, the search field is pre-populated with the booking id, so only the booking that was linked to is displayed.


English language flag based on site locale (US/UK/AU/NZ/ZA/CA)

CabGrid Pro provides a means for customers to switch the language of the interface directly. In CabGrid Pro version 5 and later a strip of country flags along the base of the interface allowed visitors to switch languages.

The initial flag is set based on the locale set in WordPress settings. However, if the language is English or there is no translation available, the default UK or US flag was used. Now, if the locale is set to an English speaking locale (US/UK/AU/NZ/ZA/CA), the appropriate flag will be shown.

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